430mm x 110mm x 38mm White Letterbox Box
A handy size long and thin letterbox box that will fit through most UK letterbox slots. A professional looking white postal box, great for sending a range of items through the postal service.
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Tufpac 249mm x 352mm Large Letter Cardboard Envelope (Box of 100)
A Maximum large letter envelope made from strong and stiff solid board that can be used to send books and a range of online orders via Royal Mail as a Large Letter.
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345 x 245 x 20mm Brown Royal Mail Large Letter PiP Mailer with Self Seal
A good quality strong large letter PiP box manufactured from brown corrugated cardboard with a self seal strip.
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Bubl Bag Air Cushion Packaging
Our bubble air pack bags are a highly protective alternative to boxes and voidfill.
- Just pack your items in a Bubl bag, inflate, and pop in a courier bag or plastic mailer.
- No need to use boxes, Bubl bags are protective enough on their own.
- Low cost compared to boxes and voidfill.
- A lot faster than packing with boxes and voidfill.
- Recyclable
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Manual Water Activated Gummed Tape Dispenser
High performance manual tape dispenser for water activated gummed tape up to 70mm wide.
- New improved rugged and reliable design with smooth and simple operation.
- Quick and easy dispensing of tape, and cut to length at the press of a button.
- Portable and lightweight design.
- Small footprint ideal for smaller packing benches.
- Can be used with standard or reinforced gummed paper tape.
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Tegrabond® High Capacity Electronic Tape Dispenser
A high speed reliable gummed paper tape dispenser that makes using gummed paper tape fast and easy.
- Produces specific length tape strips on-demand ready to be applied to the case.
- Reliable and uniform adhesive moistening for a perfect seal every time.
- Push button activation with preset tape lengths giving you the perfect amount of tape every time.
- Easy to use and simple to maintain for long lasting and reliable use.
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eComBag® Extra Padded 240mm x 340mm Biodegradable Mailing Bag (100/bx)
A biodegradable mailing bag with a extra layer of honeycomb paper for improved protection for heavier items.
- More durable padding than bubble lined mailers.
- Fully biodegradable and manufactured from renewable sources.
- Light honeycomb construction for lower mailing costs.
- Fully recyclable and contains at least 75% recycled material content.
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Short Run High Quality Litho Custom Printed Boxes
Premium quality 300dpi printed presentation/ecommerce boxes with high definition printing.
- Premium quality litho printing on one side (outside or inside).
- No setup costs.
- Strong corrugated cardboard with bright white finish.
- Can be used as presentation, retail, or ecommerce packaging.
- Minimum quantity for this product is 500, for lower quantities see our Digitally Printed Cartons.
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eComBag® Paper Padded Black Biodegradable Mailing Bag
Black coloured biodegradable paper padded mailing bags for extra WOW when sending small online orders.
- Black colour outer paper for a better looking package.
- Range of sizes to match most popular Jiffy bag sizes.
- Honeycomb internal paper padding.
- Recycled, recyclable and biodegradable for a super eco-friendly mailing bag.
- Environmentally friendly alternative to bubble lined mailing bags.
- Lighter weight than jiffy padded bags for cheaper mailing costs.
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Speedman Paper Voidfill Roll 390mm x 450m x 70gsm
A low cost easy to use paper void fill for packing online orders. This eco friendly paper packing material is quick and easy to set up on your packing bench and it a low cost way of packing with paper void fill without the need of an expensive dispenser.
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Week Free Trial - Airtech Air Pillow Packaging Machine
A super fast and efficient air pillow machine producing enough voidfill per minute to keep even the busiest online order packing stations supplied with air pillows.
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Tufpac® 216mm x 154mm x 0-50mm Economy Lite Book Wrap (Pallet of 6400)
A pallet of 6400 A5 economy book wraps at just 15.4p each when placing an order over £1500. These book wraps are great as paperback book mailers and for sending DVDs.
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Tufpac® 260mm x 175mm x 0-70mm Economy Lite Book Wrap (Pallet of 4400)
A pallet of 4400 economy book wraps that are perfect for sending medium sized books and smaller online orders. Just 19.8p each when placing an order over £1500.
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Tufpac® 311mm x 240mm x 0-50mm Economy Lite Book Wrap (Pallet of 3300)
A pallet of 3300 economy A4 book wraps that are great for sending hardback books and online orders. Just 27.5p each when placing an order over £1500.
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Custom Printed Paper Tape 48mm x 50m
Brown or white recyclable paper tape with a premium matt finish, custom printed with your logos and messages.
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Coloured 470mm x 350mm Corrugated Bag (50/bx)
A coloured corrugated bag perfect for sending LP Vinyl Records and other flat items in style.
- Various colours for an eye catching delivery.
- Corrugated paper lining gives a stiffer mailing bag.
- More effective corner protection than a bubble lined mailing bag.
- Fast to pack with easy peel & seal closure.
- Biodegradable and recyclable.
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