25-50mm Protective Net Sleeving Blue (200m Roll)


A blue protective mesh sleeving for protecting items between 25mm & 50mm in diameter. Popular for use in engineering these mesh protective sleeves are perfect for protecting a range of polished metal items which need protecting from scuffs and scratches.

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    Blue Protective Net Sleeving (25-50mm): Stylish Protection for Delicate Items during Storage and Transit

    Introducing our 25-50mm Protective Net Sleeving in a cool shade of Blue - the ultimate solution for safeguarding your delicate items with a touch of sophistication. This versatile net sleeving offers a range of benefits, making it the perfect choice for various packaging applications.

    Crafted with precision from high-quality plastic materials, our Protective Net Sleeving ensures unrivaled durability and resilience, delivering reliable protection for your valuable items during storage, handling, and transit. The 25-50mm size range provides a snug and secure fit for a wide variety of products, keeping them shielded from scratches and minor impacts.

    The calming Blue color not only adds a touch of style to your packaged products but also aids in easy identification and differentiation. Whether you're organizing multiple items in storage or showcasing your products on the retail shelf, this eye-catching Blue net sleeving allows for effortless visual recognition.

    Breathability is vital for maintaining the freshness and quality of certain products, and our net sleeving excels in this aspect. The open-net design facilitates optimal airflow, making it ideal for packaging perishable goods, delicate items, or products that require proper ventilation.

    With a user-friendly application process, our Protective Net Sleeving saves you valuable time and effort. Simply slide it over your items, and watch as it snugly embraces and protects them without obstructing visibility. The transparency of the netting allows for easy inspection and quick identification of packaged items.

    As a responsible packaging solution, our Protective Net Sleeving is crafted from eco-friendly materials, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint.

    Perfect for industries ranging from electronics and cosmetics to arts and crafts, our 25-50mm Protective Net Sleeving in Blue offers a versatile and efficient packaging option. Elevate your products' protection, presentation, and organization with this dependable and aesthetically pleasing net sleeving solution.

    Uses and Applications of our 25-50mm Plastic Net Sleeving

    The 25-50mm Protective Net Sleeving in Orange can be used for a wide range of packaging applications across various industries. Here are some examples of what this product can be used for:

    1. Fresh Produce Packaging: The breathable nature of the net sleeving makes it ideal for packaging fruits and vegetables, allowing for proper ventilation and extending the shelf life of the produce.

    2. Bottles and Cans: The net sleeving provides a protective barrier around bottles and cans, preventing them from scratching or colliding with each other during transportation and storage.

    3. Hardware and Industrial Components: It can be used to package hardware items or industrial components, protecting them from damage and ensuring they remain organized during transit.

    4. Gift Packaging: The vibrant Orange color and visual appeal of the net sleeving make it a great choice for gift packaging, adding a touch of elegance and protection to the packaged items.

    5. Electronics and Delicate Items: When packaging delicate electronics or fragile items, the net sleeving offers a cushioning effect, safeguarding them from minor impacts and external forces.

    6. Household Products: It can be used to package household items like cleaning tools, kitchen utensils, and small appliances, providing them with a protective layer during storage and transport.

    7. Craft and DIY Materials: For businesses selling craft supplies or DIY materials, the net sleeving can keep small items bundled together, making them easy to handle and display.

    8. Automotive Parts: In the automotive industry, the net sleeving can be utilized to package smaller car parts or accessories, keeping them organized and protected during distribution.

    9. Stationery and Office Supplies: The net sleeving can be used to bundle stationery items like pens, markers, and pencils, ensuring they stay together in a neat and organized manner.

    10. Construction Materials: For businesses in the construction sector, the net sleeving can be used to package small construction materials like bolts, screws, and nuts.

    These are just a few examples of the versatile applications of the 25-50mm Protective Net Sleeving in Orange. Its protective, breathable, and visually appealing properties make it a valuable packaging solution for various products in different industries.