Bubble Bag 380mm x 435mm + Lip, BB7 (Box of 100)


A large bubble wrap bag 380 x 435mm that can be used for packing large items such as vinyl records, framed prints, and large books.

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    What are large bubble bags used for?

    Our 380 x 435mm large bubble bags can be used for a range of large size items and are a lot faster to use than wrapping in bubble wrap. Here's some ideas on what large bubble bags can be used for.

    Large Bubble Bags as Vinyl Record Packaging

    Our large bubble bags can be used to pack vinyl records for shipping in the post or even overseas by courier. They are a bit wider and a bit longer than a vinyl record sleeve size to give a bit of extra padding at each side. When you pack your LP records in these bubble bags fold the excess bubble over on each side to give extra padding. This will protect the corners and edges of your vinyl record which are the most vulnerable areas when shipping vinyl records. Also consider using our Tuftwist® vinyl record boxes to give a tough outer layer of protection.

    Large Bubble Bags for Packing Large Framed Prints & Photo Frames

    Using large bubble bags to pack photo frames and framed prints is a much faster way of packing and protecting than wrapping in bubble wrap. While your competitors are laboriously wrapping photo frames and framed prints in bubble wrap, you can be quickly popping them in one of our large bubble bags. Job done! The convenient peel & seal glue strip helps you quickly seal the bubble bag without messy tape. It looks more professional too.

    Large Bubble Wrap Bags for Packing Large Books

    Packing large books is much easier with our large bubble wrap bags. While packing large books in large cardboard book wraps gives good protection, heavy books often need a bit extra cushioning. Using a large bubble wrap bag gives this extra cushioning protection and helps to protect the corners and edges of heavy books that are most at risk when shipping in the post or by overseas courier.