C5 Large Letter Box 260 x 160 x 20mm Tufpac® White C5 PiP Box


White C5 Large Letter PiP Postal Carton with peel & seal closure & frustration free tear open strip. C5 large letter postal boxes are a large letter box for items up to 260 x 160 x 20mm, they are designed to post A5 items within the large letter criteria.

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C5 Large Letter Boxes

These C5 large letter boxes are perfect for sending small A5 size online orders. Their oversize A5 format is a popular size for sending many different small items that are under the C5 size. The clean white outside gives a professional look to the parcels, and the premium grade corrugated cardboard makes them sturdy and strong enough to keep your products safe in the post. The PiP boxes also have a quick and easy peel & seal closure strip making them ideal for packing small orders fast. These C5 postal boxes also have a frustration free tear open strip for easy opening by the customer.

C5 Large Letter Box Key Features:

 - A C5 large letter box that will fit within the large letter Royal Mail criteria.

 - Perfect for posting small and flat online orders.

 - Super fast self seal closure.

 - Frustration free tear opening strip.

 - 65%+ recycled cardboard content.

 - Recyclable & biodegradable

 - Personalisable with your brand logo.

Bulk Buy Pricing on C5 Large Letter Boxes

C5 large letter boxes are available to buy in bulk pallet quantities for those looking for wholesale rates. All of our PiP boxes are manufactured here in the UK so are a very competitive source for large quantities.

Pack of 50Box of 400Pallet of 3600Pallet of 7200Multiple Pallets
63p each41p each34p each25p eachCall our team for prices

Frequently Asked Questions about C5 PiP Boxes

Buying C5 PiP boxes can be a bit confusing so we've answered some frequently asked questions below. If you have any other questions get in touch with our friendly team on 02476 611234 or email sales@datecpackaging.com.

What is the maximum size you can fit in a C5 PiP Box?

The maximum size you can fit in a C5 PiP box is 260mm x 160mm x 20mm. This is the maximum size item you can fit in this size box and still fit through the Royal Mail large letter slot.

What are C5 PiP boxes used for?

A C5 PiP boxes are used for sending small items and online orders, up to a C5 size, through the Royal Mail postal system within the large letter pricing in proportion criteria.

Will C5 PiP Boxes fit through a Letterbox?

Yes C5 PiP boxes are designed to fit through almost all UK standard letterboxes. They are designed to be small enough to fit through a letterbox easily to make sure your online orders are delivered on time.

Can I buy C5 PiP Boxes in Bulk Wholesale?

Yes we supply C5 PiP boxes in bulk at wholesale prices. A full pallet of these boxes is 3000 and we offer special prices when you buy one or more pallets at a time. To get bulk wholesale prices on our C5 pip boxes you need to speak to our friendly sales team who will work out a special offer price.

Are C5 PiP Large Letter Boxes Eco Friendly?

Yes C5 PiP large letter boxes are very eco friendly. They are made from corrugated cardboard which uses less material for the same strength. They are also biodegradable, recyclable, and are made from over 65% recycled content.

C5 Large Letter Boxes Specification

Product Code: PIPC005PS

Internal Dimensions:

Length: 260mm

Width: 160mm

Depth: 20mm

Material: Corrugated Cardboard 125WT SMART Fluting approx. 2.4mm thick

Weight of Box: 56g (0.056 kg)

Finish: White Outside, Brown Recycled Inside

Quantity per Pack: 50

Quantity per Pallet: 7200 (144 packs)

Royal Mail Postal Size: PiP Large Letter

Paper Format Size: A5 (148 x 210 mm)

Easy Open Tear Strip: Yes

Self Seal Strip: Yes

Recycled Material Content: 65%+

Eco Packaging Score: 4/5

 - Recyclable: Yes

 - Biodegradable: Yes

 - Sustainable Materials: Yes

 - Plastic Free: Yes

 - Carbon Neutral: No