Paper Padded Mailing Bags

Paper padded bags are protective postal bags which have a paper based padding rather than a plastic bubble or foam lining. This paper padding means that they are biodegradable and easily recyclable because there is no plastic lining, just nice eco friendly paper.  View Product Range

eComBag® Padded 350mm x 470mm Large Paper Padded Mailing Bag (50/bx)
£ 46.80 £ 46.80 46.800000000000004 GBP
A large paper padded mailing bag which is a compostable and recyclable paper padded alternative to K/7 bubble lined mailers. These all paper mailing bags have a padded honeycomb lining which offers good protection when mailing items through the post.
eComBag® Paper Padded Black Biodegradable Mailing Bag
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP
Black coloured biodegradable & compostable paper padded mailing bags for impressive looking packaging when sending items in the post. Black paper padded mailers are made completely from paper making them a great eco-conscious choice for packaging.
eComBag® Padded 240mm x 340mm A4 Paper Padded Mailing Bag (100/bx)
£ 49.30 £ 49.30 49.300000000000004 GBP
A light and cost-effective A4 paper padded mailing bag manufactured with a honeycomb paper padding. All-paper mailing bags are compostable, biodegradable, and fully recyclable making them a eco-friendly choice for posting items up to 240 x 340mm.
eComBag® Padded 180mm x 265mm C5 Paper Padded Mailing Bag (100/bx)
£ 30.77 £ 30.77 30.77 GBP
A light padded bag manufactured with a paper padding in A5 size to pack items up to 180 x 265 mm. These small paper mailing bags are a compostable alternative to D/1 bubble mailers with a honeycomb paper lining, a truly plastic free mailing bag.
eComBag® Padded 100mm x 165mm Biodegradable Mailing Bag (200/bx)
£ 18.85 £ 18.85 18.85 GBP
A light and cost-effective padded bag in 100 x 165mm size, manufactured with a honeycomb paper padding. These plastic free mailing bags are made completely from paper containing over 65% recycled paper fibre making them compostable and recyclable.
eComBag® Padded 165mm x 180mm Biodegradable Mailing Bag (100/bx)
£ 15.51 £ 15.51 15.51 GBP
A light and cost-effective padded mailing bag manufactured with an expanded honeycomb paper lining in a 165 x 180mm size. This mailing bag is a plastic free alternative to C/0 size jiffy mailer made completely from compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable paper.
eComBag® Padded 150mm x 215mm Biodegradable Mailing Bag (100/bx)
£ 17.03 £ 17.03 17.03 GBP
A recyclable plastic free mailing bag in 150 x 215mm size with a plastic free paper lining. This plastic free padding material is compostable, biodegradable and contains 65%+ recycled paper as well as being fully recyclable. An eco-conscious choice in mailing bags.