Paper Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap made from paper is a plastic free bubble wrapping product that can replace plastic bubble wrap in many different wrapping applications. Paper bubble wrap is manufactured from biodegradable and compostable paper which can be recycled easily in most kerbside recycling schemes.

580 x 380mm White PAPERBubble Paper Bubble Wrap Sheets (300/box)
£ 63.80 £ 63.80 63.800000000000004 GBP
Recyclable white paper bubble wrap sheets in 580mm x 380mm size made from paper, making them an eco-conscious choice for wrapping and protecting. PAPERBubble paper bubblewrap is biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable.
580 x 380mm Brown PAPERBubble Paper Bubble Wrap Sheets (300/box)
£ 58.65 £ 58.65 58.65 GBP
Paper bubble wrap sheets in 580mm x 380mm size for eco-conscious packaging. PAPERBubble is bubble wrap made from paper so is biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable, and can be used as protective packaging for wrapping & packing.
Geami WrapPak Paper Bubble Wrap 510mm x 250m Brown
£ 55.55 £ 55.55 55.550000000000004 GBP
A paper based biodegradable plastic free alternative to bubble wrap in a 510mm wide roll. This plastic free bubble wrap is a honeycomb paper roll that expands as it is stretched to make a protective wrapping material. A compostable & recyclable eco packaging option.