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Hot Melt Glue Sticks

Hot melt glue is a popular packaging adhesive which is used for box sealing and general gluing applications. Hot melt adhesive is a hard glue that melts at between 80-100 degrees and becomes liquid. When applied to a surface it becomes hard again after a minute or so. While it is still liquid the items to be bonded can be pressed into the glue and when it sets they will be stuck firmly together.

Low Melt Hot Melt Glue 12mm x 300mm (1kg)
A general purpose hot melt glue that melts at a lower temperature for longer open time and for use with heat sensitive products. Hot melt glue sticks are 12mm in diameter and 300mm long so will fit most general purpose glue guns.
£ 11.25 11.25 GBP
Fast Pack Hot Melt Glue 12mm x 300mm (1kg)
A fast setting hot melt glue for high speed gluing applications for use with most glue guns. Fast set glue sticks are used for gluing cardboard boxes closed and other general packaging or mounting applications.
£ 11.25 11.25 GBP