Corrugated Paper Roll 300mm x 75m 100% Recycled Paper

A 300mm wide rolling cardboard for packaging items up to 30cm in width. This single faced cardboard can be easily rolled around items to create a thick layer of corrugated cardboard. This method of packaging is good for cost effective packaging of heavy items.

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    100% Recycled Paper 300mm Corrugated Paper Rolls

    Welcome to a world of sustainable packaging solutions with our Corrugated Paper Rolls, thoughtfully designed to measure 300mm in width and extend an impressive 75 meters in length. Crafted exclusively from 100% recycled paper, these rolls exemplify our unwavering dedication to environmental preservation while offering your business a versatile and responsible choice for a wide array of applications.

    Key Features:

    1. Green Innovation: Embrace a packaging solution that embodies eco-consciousness. Our Corrugated Paper Rolls are meticulously manufactured from 100% recycled paper, making a powerful statement about your commitment to sustainability and responsible resourcing.

    2. Unmatched Protection: Beyond its earth-friendly origins, the corrugated texture of this paper is a practical marvel. Safeguard delicate items during shipping, storage, or handling, ensuring they remain intact and unharmed throughout their journey.

    3. Limitless Utility: From fragile merchandise to creative projects, our Corrugated Paper Rolls offer boundless possibilities. Its inherent strength, flexibility, and cushioning properties make it a versatile asset across various corporate contexts.

    4. Elevated Branding: Elevate your brand identity by incorporating this eco-friendly packaging option. The unique texture adds a touch of sophistication to your products, reinforcing their perceived value and leaving a memorable impression on your customers.

    5. Empower Imagination: Beyond its utilitarian uses, the Corrugated Paper Roll encourages creativity. Empower your team to explore its potential for crafting, dynamic displays, and innovative corporate endeavors that captivate and inspire.


    • Safe Transit: Ensure your products complete their journey unscathed, enhancing customer satisfaction and confidence.

    • Eco-Conscious Packaging: Align your packaging choices with your business values, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable practices and environmentally friendly solutions.

    • Organized Efficiency: Tailor-made dividers, compartments, and protective layers optimize storage and streamline operations.

    • Engaging Displays: Utilize these rolls for captivating displays, backdrops, and décor at corporate events that leave a lasting impression.

    • Learning and Collaboration: Encourage team collaboration and creative brainstorming through engaging projects, presentations, and innovative exhibitions.

    Choose more than a packaging material; choose a symbol of your corporate commitment to a better world. Embrace innovation, versatility, and sustainability with our Corrugated Paper Rolls, and join us in shaping a future that respects both your business goals and our planet's wellbeing.