Pallet Strapping

Pallet strapping is heavy duty strapping that is used for securing loads on pallets prior to shipping. Pallet strapping comes in five main types, extruded polyester strapping, flexible polyester strapping, polypropylene strapping, steel strapping, and now a brand new Paper StrappingWe stock a wide range of different sizes and strengths so you can choose the best strap depending on your application. Most pallet strapping types can be used with electric, compressed air, or manual strapping tools, and we strive to supply the best quality strapping that doesn’t jam or stick in strapping tools and machinery. When securing your strap, you will need to use a seal or buckle to crimp the strap and stop it from releasing. You can find all the strapping seals and buckles you need here as well, from lap-over seals and semi-open seals, to phosphated buckles and plastic buckles.
R/Wound 19mm x 0.5mm Steel Strapping 1950 (27kg)
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