Foam Packaging

Foam packaging is widely used as a protective material that guards against scuffs, scratches, and dents on a wide variety of items. Closed cell PE Foam packaging can be used for floor protection, lining of containers, and blocking and bracing. Ideal for use in export due to its weight supporting properties and waterproof composition this product can be bespoke manufactured to a range of shapes and sizes for bespoke fittings and trays. Foam packaging is available in a range of different products; expanding foam packaging is a two part mix foam that expands around your products to hold them firmly, foam sheets and rolls can be used as surface protection, and foam edging and profiles are designed to protect corners and edges of products from impact damage.

Foam Packaging Rolls

Foam packaging rolls are rolls of thin packaging foam that is coiled up into one long roll of foam sheeting. Foam packaging rolls are made from polyethylene which has been foamed with thousands of tiny bubbles to make a protective sheeting that is impact resistant and can support heavy loads. Foam sheeting rolls are a popular packaging material that is often used for wrapping delicate products, and is especially useful for highly polished products like mirrors and metal items. Foam packaging rolls are available in a range of different thicknesses and widths for use in a variety of different applications.

FAQs about Foam Packaging

What is Foam Packaging made from?

There are 3 common types of foam packaging; foam rolls and profiles are made from a foamed low density polyethylene which is a soft strong foam, polystyrene is made from PS which is brittle but cost effective, and expanding foam packaging is made from polyurethane which is strong and fast setting.

Is Foam Packaging Eco Friendly?

Foam packaging is generally considered non environmentally friendly. This is because although many packaging foams can be recycled in theory (being an LDPE or PS material), it is highly uneconomical for recycling centres to process. It cannot be compacted easily so transport costs are high, and it's porous nature means it is easily contaminated.

Can Foam Packaging be Customised?

Yes foam packaging can be customised for bespoke applications. Foam packaging can be supplied cut to size in sheets, specific length profile strips, and bespoke engineered foam fittings. Foam packaging is easily cut and glued to make many different bespoke foam packaging solutions.
Foam Edge Protector U120 100mm-120mm x 2000mm (32 lengths/box)
A very large U profile foam edge protection strip that can be used to protect items up to 120mm thick. Also can be used as foam door frame protection.
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