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Corrosion Protection Packaging

Corrosion protection packaging safeguards metal products from rust and deterioration during storage and transport by employing methods like barrier packaging, VCI technology, desiccants, and specialized coatings. It prevents moisture and corrosive elements from affecting metal surfaces, maintaining product integrity. Widely used in automotive, electronics, aerospace, and marine industries, corrosion protection packaging ensures longevity, functionality, and customer satisfaction.

Heavy Duty Kraft VCI Anti-Rust Paper Roll 1000mm x 200m 100gsm
A heavy duty 100gsm VCI paper roll in 1000mm width for protecting ferrous metal parts from corrosion. VCI anti-corrosion paper can be used for interleaving between parts or wrapping around metal items to protect from rusting and corrosion.
£ 71.20 71.2 GBP
Kraft Union Paper Roll 900mm x 100m 120gsm
A 900mm wide waterproof bitumen paper for lining crates and wrapping items vulnerable to water damage. Kraft union paper is a tar paper that has a layer of bitumen sandwiched between two layers of paper making it strong and waterproof.
£ 75.44 75.44 GBP
Vaportek VCI Anti-Rust Paper Roll 900mm x 200m 50gsm
A standard 50gsm anti rust paper roll in 900mm width with a VCI additive impregnated into the paper. VCI paper is a rust-inhibiting paper that can be used for protecting ferrous metal parts from corrosion in damp environments or during transit & storage.
£ 54.76 54.76 GBP
Waxed Kraft Paper Roll 900mm x 100m 55gsm
Waxed paper roll in 900mm width for protecting items from water damage. This water-proof paper is coated with wax and it used for wrapping items that need to be protected from water damage and corrosion.
£ 27.46 27.46 GBP