Black Sacks & Woven PP Sacks

A range of black sacks, bin liners, and woven pp sacks used for packing and disposal. Black sacks are most often used as refuse bags and bin liners but they can also be used as a packaging bag. Black sacks are very opaque in the thicker gauges meaning they are very useful for packing large online orders that are already boxed. While our opaque mailing bags come in big sizes, sometimes they aren't quite big enough so we sell black sacks as an opaque mailing bag for items that are too big to fit. Our black sacks come in large sizes up to a wheelie bin liner size.

Heavy Duty Black Sacks

We have a range of heavy duty black sacks and aggregate sacks that can be used for heavy rubbish or for bagging sharp items. Our strongest and thickest refuse sack is a 550g aggregate sack which is design for use by building contractors on building sites. It is strong enough to bag up pretty much everything you can find on a building site including bricks and rubble. Aggregate sacks are sometimes also called rubble sacks because of their strong rugged design.

Are black refuse bags recyclable?

Yes, black refuse bags are recyclable, they are usually manufactured from LDPE plastic which is a widely recycled plastic. In fact, many black sacks also contain recycled plastic as well. LDPE is a recycling class 4 material which is commonly recycled in most kerbside recycling schemes. You can also get black refuse bags that are biodegradable in landfill which is a great choice to help keep our planet safe.