Record Mailers

LP Record Mailers are a type of packaging specially developed for Vinyl LP Records which protect your Vinyl records against the most common damage they will encounter during their journey through the postal system.

Coloured 470mm x 350mm Corrugated Bag (Box of 50)
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP
A coloured corrugated bag perfect for sending LP Vinyl Records and other flat items in style.
- Various colours for an eye catching delivery.
- Corrugated paper lining gives a stiffer mailing bag.
- More effective corner protection than a bubble lined mailing bag.
- Fast to pack with easy peel & seal closure.
- Biodegradable and recyclable.
Board Backed LP Record Envelope 394mm x 318mm White (Box of 125)
£ 38.94 £ 38.94 38.94 GBP
Rigid board backed envelope for cost effective posting of Vinyl LP Records and other flat items.
- Rigid 600gsm board back keeps records flat during shipping.
- Low cost method of sending 1-2 vinyl records at a time.
- Premium clean white finish for better presentation.
- Biodegradable and recyclable.
- Can be personalised with your logo and brand colours.
Tuftwist® TP15 350 x 350 x 0-40mm Peel & Seal Vinyl Record Mailer
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP
A very protective postal wrap for LP records, big and strong enough to send multiple vinyl records at a time. Twist style record mailers are sturdy cardboard wrap around packaging mailers that protect LP vinyl records very well when sending through the post.
Grey Opaque 325mm x 475mm Mailing Bag 13" x 19" (Box of 500)
£ 45.65 £ 45.65 45.65 GBP
C3 size postal bags for A3 items up to 325mm x 475mm. A waterproof opaque poly bag in grey/black co-extruded polythene with a self seal lip for quick and easy sealing. Fully recyclable and made from recycled plastic.
Bubble Bag 380mm x 435mm + Lip, BB7 (Box of 100)
£ 43.60 £ 43.60 43.6 GBP
A large bubble wrap bag 380 x 435mm that can be used for packing large items such as vinyl records, framed prints, and large books.
Acid Free Tissue 450mm x 700mm (White) (Ream)
£ 11.59 £ 11.59 11.59 GBP
A pack of 480 acid free tissue paper sheets in a popular 450mm x 700mm size. These white tissue paper sheets are used regularly to wrap a wide range of products to protect against abrasion and scratching. Can be used on painted surfaces without leaving marks, and even delicate antique items due to its acid free manufacturing process.
Board Envelope LP Vinyl Record Mailer 406mm x 318mm White (Box of 100)
£ 32.83 £ 32.83 32.83 GBP
A solid board envelope in white with a peel & seal closure and tear open strip.
- Just the right size for mailing vinyl lp records.
- Stiff solid wall cardboard with premium coated white finish.
- High security peel & seal strip for sealing.
- Quick and easy tear open strip.
- Recyclable and manufactured from up to 80% recycled material.
- Personalise with your brand logo, see below for details.

**Order over £750 and get these for £24.63 per box**