Sustainable Packaging

Delivering Eco Packaging Sustainably.

Sustainable packaging delivered sustainably.

We don't just deliver sustainable packaging products; we deliver them sustainably too. Join 500+ other customers who buy our packaging knowing it's being delivered responsibly.

Here at Datec Packaging, we are part of an FSC® certified group (FSC-C004309) with FSC® certified products available upon request, and are working towards becoming a Climate Neutral company, giving you the assurance you are buying packaging from a sustainable packaging company.

We recognise the responsibility we have in the promoting and implementing of environmentally ethical packaging methods and, as an expression of our commitment, we subsidize eco friendly products to make them more affordable to a greater proportion of our customer base.

As a team we are dedicated to the forwarding of developments in environmentally friendly products, reduction in packaging waste, and efficient use of resources. This is shown by our commitment to becoming a carbon neutral company in the near future. We're proud of our commitment to this end and are 97% of the way there.

We've reduced our electricity consumption by installing LED lighting, and improved our energy management in our production facility. By tackling energy wasting areas we've reduced our carbon footprint, with more improvements on the way.

Of the way to Carbon Neutral
Eco alternative products
Products contain recycled materials

Prioritising Recycled Products

We believe by offering products containing recycled materials we can increase the take up amongst our customers. We have introduced packaging containing recycled materials to most of our product lines with some popular products containing over 65% recycled materials. This commitment to introducing recycled packaging has replaced tonnes of polymer and fibre with recycled alternatives.

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Closing in on Carbon Neutral

We're almost all the way to becoming Carbon Neutral. There's just a few more steps for us to take and we'll be certified carbon neutral. We have introduced many carbon saving changes on our journey to this important milestone, including installing LED lighting and improving the management of energy used in our manufacturing process. Join us on our journey and help us help the environment.

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Our customers choose us to deliver their packaging in a sustainable way.

Here's what they get for sticking by us:

Low Emission Deliveries

We zone our deliveries allowing us to reduce our carbon emissions on our delivery fleet.

Eco Friendly Alternatives

We offer eco friendly alternatives to many of our packaging items giving our customers the choice to buy the eco conscious choice.

FSC Certified Products

You can request FSC certified packaging on specified product lines and bespoke products.

Packaging Waste Regulations

For our customers that are required to submit a packaging waste weight report we provide detailed help and advice.