Cardboard Envelopes & Corrugated Envelopes

A range of cardboard envelopes for sending a range of different ecommerce orders. Cardboard envelopes are super fast and very protective, an all round winner for online stores. As the go-to source for premium packaging solutions, we take pride in offering a wide range of versatile and eco-friendly cardboard envelopes that cater to your every need. From protecting your valuable documents to presenting your products with a touch of elegance, our cardboard envelopes are designed to exceed your expectations.  View Product Range

Tufpac 249mm x 352mm Large Letter Cardboard Envelopes (Box of 100)
£ 36.53 £ 36.53 36.53 GBP
A Maximum large letter envelope made from strong and stiff solid cardboard that can be used to send books and a range of online orders via Royal Mail as a Large Letter.
Tufpac 458mm x 328mm Capacity A3 Cardboard Envelope (Box of 75)
£ 64.32 £ 64.32 64.32000000000001 GBP
A3 sized solid board cardboard mailer envelope for mailing large books, A3 sized documents and posters. 400gsm all board courier envelopes like these are great for helping to keep large flat items safe and crease free.
Tufpac 278mm x 400mm Capacity Cardboard Envelope (Box of 100)
£ 51.17 £ 51.17 51.17 GBP
Recyclable oversize solid board cardboard envelope mailer for sending small online orders and larger books. These biodegradable & compostable book envelopes are made from stiff cardboard with a very high recycled fibre content, a great eco-conscious choice.
Tufpac 234mm x 334mm Capacity A4 Cardboard Envelope (Box of 100)
£ 30.20 £ 30.20 30.2 GBP
A strong and stiff solid board cardboard mailer envelope that can be used to send A4 books and a range of online orders. Capacity envelopes like these are fast and easy for posting products through the post or courier system.
Tufpac 194mm x 292mm Capacity Cardboard Envelope (Box of 100)
£ 27.89 £ 27.89 27.89 GBP
The perfect small cardboard mailer envelope for sending online orders. The mailer wallet style of these envelopes help you to quickly and easily pack any small or flat item with ease, and the strong 400gsm all board back and front offers exceptional rigidity.
Tufpac 180mm x 235mm Capacity A5 Cardboard Envelope (Box of 100)
£ 25.69 £ 25.69 25.69 GBP
Solid board cardboard mailer envelope perfect for mailing books, DVD's, documents and many other small online orders. These lil' envelopes are a great alternative to jiffy bags helping you to pack faster and reduce damages in the post.
530 x 720 x 50mm Corrugated Board Envelope (Pack of 20)
£ 60.23 £ 60.23 60.230000000000004 GBP
A large rigid envelope made from e-flute corrugated cardboard with a brown kraft finish. These big board envelopes will pack items up to 20" x 28" making then one of the biggest cardboard envelopes on the market.
570 x 420 x 50mm Corrugated Board Envelope (Box of 50)
£ 103.88 £ 103.88 103.88 GBP
Strong stiff envelopes in a wallet style and made from corrugated E-flute cardboard. Fluted cardboard envelopes are stiffer than other board envelopes making them ideal for keeping items crease free.
340 x 500 x 50mm Corrugated Board Envelope (Box of 100)
£ 116.06 £ 116.06 116.06 GBP
A good quality rigid envelope that will take A3 size items up to 50mm thick. A strong courier envelope that is made from recyclable cardboard that contains over 50% recycled fibre, making it a great eco-conscious choice for those wanting an eco friendly mailer.
250 x 340 x 50mm Corrugated Board Envelope (Box of 100)
£ 71.96 £ 71.96 71.96000000000001 GBP
A postal mailer that will fit within the Royal Mail large letter restrictions. A maxi pip envelope made from strong corrugated cardboard for keeping your items crease free while travelling through the royal mail postal system.
235 x 340x 35mm Corrugated Board Envelope (Box of 100)
£ 65.67 £ 65.67 65.67 GBP
A C4 corrugated envelope for mailing documents, files, folders, and foolscap through the post. The rigid e-fluted board keeps contents crease free and protects corners from impact damage. Also includes capacity creases for increased depth mailings.
215 x 300 x 50mm Corrugated Board Envelope (Box of 100)
£ 61.78 £ 61.78 61.78 GBP
An A4 cardboard envelope in a corrugated cardboard with a premium kraft finish. A4 mailers will fit A4 prints and documents keeping them flat and crease free while in storage or in the post. Recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable for the eco-conscious choice.
185 x 270 x 0-50mm Corrugated Board Envelope (Box of 100)
£ 53.73 £ 53.73 53.730000000000004 GBP
150 x 250 x 0-50mm Corrugated Board Envelope (Box of 100)
£ 44.70 £ 44.70 44.7 GBP
A handy little corrugated envelope for sending a range of small online orders.
- Just over 19p when ordering pallet quantities (70+ Boxes) with our top tier 30% discount!
- Premium kraft E-flute material for a high quality postal envelope.
- Easy pop-up to 50mm capacity for larger items.
- Good corner protection.
- Peel & seal closure with handy tear opening.
- Discounted pricing on pallet quantities - 70 boxes per pallet.