Custom Printed Paper Tape 48mm x 50m

Brown or white recyclable paper tape with a premium matt finish, custom printed with your logos and messages. Price is for full quantity selected below. FREE Origination - No Setup Costs.

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  • Backing Tape Colour
    • White
    • Brown
  • Number of Colours Printed
    • 1 Colour Print
    • 2 Colour Print
    • 3 Colour Print
  • Quantity
    • 36 rolls
    • 72 rolls
    • 108 rolls
    • 180 rolls
    • 360 rolls

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30-day money-back guarantee
Shipping: 2-3 Business Days

Custom Printed Paper Tape

Custom printed paper tape is the perfect solution for sealing your eCommerce boxes and proving to your customers that you really care about the environment. And not only that it looks great too! Because the tape is made out of similar materials to corrugated boxes it blends in really well and looks super smart.

  • Custom printed in up to 4 spot colours.
  • Recyclable paper tape with high quality hot melt adhesive.
  • Creped paper material gives a conformable, easy to use, and premium matt finish for the best looking parcels!
  • Suitable for general packaging applications such as taping boxes for online orders.
  • Friendly inhouse artwork team available for designing and setting up your artwork, just send us your logos and we'll sort it for you!
  • Multiple box orders qualify for quantity discount pricing, see bottom of page for final prices after discount.
  • NO SETUP COSTS - Free origination on all new orders.

Personalised paper tape is a must use for the modern online store. More and more customers shopping online are looking for environmentally friendly stores that use recycled and recyclable packaging. And what's more is it looks super professional. It's something a bit different to the standard plastic tape that tends to look shiny and tacky. The matt finish of a paper tape looks classy and sophisticated putting your parcels a step above the rest.

Our paper tape is self adhesive not gummed so you can use it as a normal packing tape without wetting it first like you have to with a gummed paper tape. Super quick and easy - get a sample today to find out how awesome this eco-tape really is!

Environmentally Friendly Printed Tape

Paper tape is manufactured from renewable natural sources which makes recycling super easy. Show you really care and are doing your bit by taping your parcels with paper, it's a great way of winning your customers' repeat business. Using paper as the carrier for the adhesive makes an environmentally friendly packing tape that your customers will instantly recognise. It's the Natural choice!

Personalised Kraft Paper Tape Prices

Our self adhesive paper tape comes in two different colours and one width at the moment but we are constantly including more and more sizes to our range so if you want something a bit different just get in touch with our team. Also due to setup cost we can only accept 1 design per order for initial orders, subsequent orders can be bulked different designs together.

Custom Printed 1 Colour White/Brown Paper Tape 48mm x 50m

  • 36 Rolls @ £4.99 per roll
  • 72 Rolls @ £4.10 per roll
  • 108 Rolls @ £3.63 per roll

Custom Printed 2 Colour White/Brown Paper Tape 48mm x 50m

  • 36 Rolls @ £5.99 per roll 
  • 72 Rolls @ £4.70 per roll
  • 108 Rolls @ £3.92 per roll

Custom Printed 3 Colour White/Brown Paper Tape 48mm x 50m

  • 36 Rolls @ £7.32 per roll
  • 72 Rolls @ £5.20 per roll
  • 108 Rolls @ £4.30 per roll

Custom Printed 4 Colour White/Brown Paper Tape 48mm x 50m

  • 36 Rolls @ £POA per roll
  • 72 Rolls @ £POA per roll
  • 108 Rolls @ £POA per roll

Custom Printed White Paper Tape

You can choose a white paper backing material for your custom printed paper tape instead of the brown kraft colour. Custom printed white paper tape looks more professional for use when taping white boxes or white paper wrapping. White printed paper tape is very popular with online stores sending out products in white boxes, and helps to create a clean smart look while still being an eco-conscious choice for taping boxes. Personalised white paper tape is the same quality and feel of the brown kraft version but has been treated to remove the brown colour from the backing paper. The result is a nice clean white tape that will show up your brand colours clearly. White paper tape is best for logos and brand colours that are lighter, such as yellow and light blue, as they will contrast better. Brown paper backing tends to absorb lighter colours making them darker and changing the colour.