paper Mailing Bags

Eco friendly paper mailing bags are a biodegradable and recyclable alternative to plastic mailing bags. They are manufactured from strong kraft paper with high wet strength that makes them water resistant for a reliable mailing bag. With their fast self seal closing strip, mailing bags made from paper are perfect for despatching online orders; show your customers you care for their environment by removing plastic from your packaging, and sending in paper mailing bags instead. Non-plastic mailing bags are manufactured from a strong kraft paper which has been pressure sealed to resist water, keeping the contents dry even after several hours in the rain. Because of this, paper mailing bags can be used in place of plastic mailing bags in almost all applications, they are strong, durable, water resistant, and will survive multiple trips on courier.

Biodegradable & Compostable Paper Mailing Bags

Our range of biodegradable mailing bags aren't a questionable biodegradable plastic mailing bag, they are compostable mailing bags manufactured from a high strength paper that will quickly rot and break down in almost any situation where there is moisture. Being compostable is the perfect opportunity for giving your customers the message that you really do care about their world. Added to this, our compostable paper mailing bags also feel much more premium than plastic mailing bags, so you can add a touch of luxury at the same time.
Personalised eComBag® Bio 185 x 230 + 60mm Gusset Paper Mailing Bag Brown Custom Printed 1 Colour (100/pk)
Our smallest eComBag® biodegradable paper mailing bags personalised with your logo and message. Custom printed paper mailing bags are a great way to advertise your brand and looking professional when delivering your online orders.
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eComBag® Bio 225 x 345 + 60mm Gusset A4 Paper Mailing Bag Brown (100/pk)
eComBag® bio A4 paper mailing bags. Durable and water resistant mailing bags manufactured completely from paper.
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300mm x 430mm Compostable Paper Mailing Bag with 80mm Gusset (200/pk)
A 300mm x 430mm compostable paper mailing bag often used as an ecommerce bag for packing online orders. Made from durable kraft paper that has been pressure sealed to make it water resistant, helping to keep your items clean and dry.
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Paper Mailing Bag 260mm x 410mm + 70mm Gusset with Peel & Seal Closure (300/pk)
These 260mm x 410mm paper mailers with a 70mm expanding gusset for packing thicker items for courier. A water resistant paper ecommerce bag for sending online order by courier, with a quick and easy self seal closure.
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Paper Mailing Bag 250mm x 353mm + 50mm Gusset with Peel & Seal Closure (250/pk)
250mm x 353mm paper mailing bags made from water resistant and compostable paper for those looking for an eco-conscious mailing bag that keeps your items dry. Designed in a gusseted bag style with a peel & seal strip for fast packing.
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Paper Mailing Bag 190mm x 300mm + 50mm Gusset with Peel & Seal Closure (500/pk)
Recyclable small paper mailers that will pack items up to 190mm x 300mm in size and up to 70mm thick. A biodegradable and recyclable mailing bag that is made from kraft paper, a durable and water resistant bag with a quick and easy self seal closing strip.
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