50-100mm Protective Net Sleeving Red (100m Roll)


Red mesh protective sleeve for packaging items between 50mm & 100mm in diameter. Plastic mesh sleeving for packaging is made from LDPE making it recyclable and reusable as well as resistant to oils & grease.

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Red Protective Net Sleeving (50-100mm): Bold and Elegant Protection for Delicate Items during Storage and Transit

Introducing our 50-100mm Protective Net Sleeving in a striking shade of Red - the ultimate solution for safeguarding your valuable items with a touch of boldness and elegance. This versatile net sleeving offers a range of benefits, making it the perfect choice for various packaging applications.

Crafted with precision from high-quality plastic materials, our Protective Net Sleeving ensures unmatched durability and resilience, delivering reliable protection for your delicate items during storage, handling, and transit. The 50-100mm size range provides a secure and snug fit for a wide variety of products, shielding them from scratches and minor impacts with ease.

The vibrant Red color not only adds a splash of style to your packaged products but also aids in easy identification and differentiation. Whether you're organizing multiple items in storage or showcasing your products on the retail shelf, this eye-catching Red net sleeving allows for effortless visual recognition.

Breathability is essential to maintain the freshness and quality of certain products, and our net sleeving excels in this aspect. The open-net design facilitates optimal airflow, making it ideal for packaging perishable goods, delicate items, or products that require proper ventilation.

With a user-friendly application process, our Protective Net Sleeving saves you valuable time and effort. Simply slide it over your items, and watch as it snugly embraces and protects them without compromising visibility. The transparent netting ensures easy inspection and quick identification of the packaged items.

As a responsible packaging solution, our Protective Net Sleeving is crafted from eco-friendly materials, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact.

Perfect for industries ranging from electronics and cosmetics to arts and crafts, our 50-100mm Protective Net Sleeving in Red offers a versatile and efficient packaging option. Elevate your products' protection, presentation, and organization with this dependable and aesthetically pleasing net sleeving solution.

Make a bold statement in safeguarding your cherished items - try our 50-100mm Protective Net Sleeving in Red today and experience packaging perfection like never before.