1200/2400mm x 90m 500g Polythene Sheeting C/Fold Roll Heatshrink


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    Industrial-Strength Protection: Introducing 500g Polythene Sheeting C/Fold Heatshrink - Your Ultimate Defense for Construction and Packaging!

    Introducing our premium 500g Polythene Sheeting C/Fold Heatshrink - a powerhouse of protection for all your industrial, construction, and packaging needs! Crafted with precision using top-quality materials, this versatile polythene sheeting delivers unbeatable durability and reliability in a wide range of applications.

    Product Features:

    1. Heavy-Duty 500g Polythene: Our Polythene Sheeting is manufactured using high-quality 500g polythene, ensuring exceptional strength and resilience. The heavy-duty material offers tear resistance and robustness, making it ideal for safeguarding valuable items and securing construction sites.

    2. Extensive Coverage: A 1200mm roll that opens out to 2400mm width x 90m length, this polythene sheeting offers an extensive coverage area suitable for large-scale projects. Whether you need to enclose massive construction structures or protect vast industrial equipment, this sheeting has you covered.

    3. Convenient C/Fold Design: The Centre-Fold design adds a practical advantage to the sheeting, making it easy to unfold and apply over surfaces. This feature enhances efficiency and streamlines the application process, saving valuable time and effort.

    4. Heatshrink Capability: Our polythene sheeting comes with heatshrink capabilities, allowing you to apply controlled heat for a snug and secure fit. The heatshrink feature ensures a tight enclosure around irregularly shaped items or structures, providing maximum protection against dust, debris, moisture, and environmental factors.

    5. Weatherproof Shield: Whether it's shielding construction materials from adverse weather conditions or protecting industrial equipment from corrosive elements, this polythene sheeting acts as a reliable weatherproof barrier.

    6. Versatile Applications: From construction and industrial projects to packaging and storage, this polythene sheeting excels in a diverse range of applications. Its adaptability and strength make it an essential tool for professionals in various industries.

    7. Easy Handling and Transport: Despite its heavyweight capabilities, this polythene sheeting remains manageable and easy to transport. Its lightweight nature facilitates convenient handling, ensuring a seamless application process.


    • Construction and Demolition: Perfect for covering scaffolding, enclosing work areas, and protecting building materials during construction and demolition projects.

    • Industrial Use: Ideal for safeguarding industrial equipment, machinery, and raw materials from environmental factors and potential damage.

    • Packaging and Storage: Excellent for wrapping and securing items during transportation and storage, providing an extra layer of protection.

    • Agricultural and Horticultural: Used for crop protection, covering greenhouses, and safeguarding equipment and tools in agricultural settings.

    Discover the unrivaled durability and versatility of our 500g Polythene Sheeting C/Fold Heatshrink. Embrace its powerful protective capabilities for construction, industrial use, and a myriad of other applications. Invest in this indispensable solution for reliable performance and peace of mind today!