Tape Dispensers & Taping Machines

We stock a range of tape dispensers and taping machines for dispensing packing tape for taping boxes and general packaging. Using a hand tape gun makes taping a box much quicker and easier. Our range of tape dispensers covers a selection of different tape types, even double sided tape!

Manual Water Activated Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser
£ 311.70 £ 311.70 311.7 GBP
High performance manual tape dispenser for water activated gummed tape up to 70mm wide. A low cost paper tape machine for quick and easy dispensing of tape, including a handy cut to length at the press of a button.
Tegrabond® High Capacity Electronic Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser
£ 1,936.82 £ 1,936.82 1936.82 GBP
A high speed reliable gummed paper tape dispenser that makes using water activated gummed paper tape fast and easy. WAT paper tape machines produce specific length tape strips on-demand ready to be applied to the case.
Premium Tape Dispenser for 50mm x 76mm Core
£ 7.50 £ 7.50 7.5 GBP
Heavy duty pistol grip tape dispenser which will take most standard 66m tape rolls with a 76mm inner core dimension. A rugged premium hand tape gun with heavy-duty metal construction which makes dispensing all our standard core tape quick and easy.
Silent E-Tape Dispenser No.2 50mm
£ 12.75 £ 12.75 12.75 GBP
A low noise parcel tape dispenser with a noise reducing system included for quiet taping. A premium quality hand tape dispenser designed to fit tape with a 2" core such as our e-tape rolls. Hand tape dispensers make taping boxes much quicker and easier.
Standard E-Tape Dispenser No.1 50mm
£ 12.75 £ 12.75 12.75 GBP
A heavy duty tape dispenser gun designed to fit tape with a 2" core such as our e-tape rolls or Envirotape rolls. These hand held tape dispensers are sturdy and long lasting with extra safety features such as retractable safety blade.