Protective Mesh Sleeving & Net Sleeving

Protective net sleeving provides a practical, effective, and cost-efficient solution to the problems of surface damage to components during manufacture, storage, and transit. Available in a range of colour coded sizes, the protective mesh sleeving is flexible enough to mould around irregularly shaped items, effectively protecting them from knocks and scratches.

75-150mm Protective Net Sleeving Orange (70m Roll)
£ 83.34 £ 83.34 83.34 GBP
An orange protective mesh sleeving for items between 75mm - 150mm in diameter. This size mesh sleeving is ideal as protective mesh bottle sleeves as it is just the right size for most wine, spirit, and champagne bottle sizes.
25-50mm Protective Net Sleeving Blue (200m Roll)
£ 62.63 £ 62.63 62.63 GBP
A blue protective mesh sleeving for protecting items between 25mm & 50mm in diameter. Popular for use in engineering these mesh protective sleeves are perfect for protecting a range of polished metal items which need protecting from scuffs and scratches.
50-100mm Protective Net Sleeving Red (100m Roll)
£ 67.43 £ 67.43 67.43 GBP
Red mesh protective sleeve for packaging items between 50mm & 100mm in diameter. Plastic mesh sleeving for packaging is made from LDPE making it recyclable and reusable as well as resistant to oils & grease.
10-20mm Protective Net Sleeving Violet (200m Roll)
£ 37.13 £ 37.13 37.13 GBP
Violet protective mesh tubular sleeving for packaging items between 10mm - 20mm in diameter. Tubular mesh sleeving is used for protecting parts prone to damage and often used for metal engineering parts or as cylinder protection mesh.
7-15mm Protective Net Sleeving Clear (200m Roll)
£ 30.75 £ 30.75 30.75 GBP
A narrow plastic protective mesh sleeve for small items between 5mm & 15mm in diameter. Mesh sleeving like this can be used as protective net tubing for metal parts, helping to keep polished surfaces scratch and scuff free.