Industrial & Ecommerce Packaging

Welcome to Datec, a tight knit team of innovative packaging people

Reducing packaging waste, increasing packing speed, and cutting operational costs

with innovative products and custom designed solutions.

Here at Datec Packaging you’ll find a tight knit, family based team dedicated to providing a reliable, consistent, and competitive supply of stock and bespoke packaging to industry, ecommerce, distribution, and manufacturing throughout the UK.

Here's what makes us special:

   Problems to Solutions - A friendly team with a fresh approach to solving packaging problems, always pushing the boundaries of manufacturing machinery.

   Quick Turnaround - Access to an extensive supplier base combining fast turnaround suppliers coupled with very competitive sources.

   Trusted to Deliver - Reliable delivery backed by a disciplined approach to stock holding with visibility on seasonal stock trends.

Next Day Delivery

Priority next day and free delivery options available.

Current Customer?

Sourcing your packaging is now quicker and easier by storing your regular products in your favourites.
Give us a call to add your custom products to favourites.

Bulk buy discounts

Placing large orders? You could qualify for our order value discounts or special pricing.

Are you a Packaging Supplier?

We wholesale our range of UK manufactured Tufpac® book wraps to packaging suppliers up and down the UK and we'd love to welcome you on board too.

Just click the link below to get in touch with us and we'll set you up with your very own distributor account.

Fulfilment Solutions

Struggling to find the best solution to pack items for your customer? Jump on a quick video call with one of our packaging advisors and we'll analyse your requirements and point you in the right direction.

Go Eco-Friendly!

We promote eco-friendly alternatives to packaging products to help you be kinder to our environment.

Time is Money

That's why we design and suggest products that save you and your staff time when packing goods.

Bespoke eCommerce Packaging

Our dedicated eCommerce Packaging division focuses specifically on packaging designs that solve common problems experienced by ecommerce and online store despatch operations.

Here’s a few examples of what our eCommerce Packaging division does:

- Plastic free packaging answering consumer pressure for eco-friendly packaging.

- Packaging designs that speed up tissue wrapping and gift packing for online orders.

- Size adjustable packaging helping to quickly and easily ship random sized orders.

- Internally printed packaging for an impressive unboxing experience.

- High speed pop-up cartons reducing carton make-up times to just a few seconds.

- Frustration free packaging letting your customer unpack their orders quickly and easily.