Here at Datec Packaging you’ll find a tight knit, family based team dedicated to providing a reliable, consistent, and competitive supply of stock and bespoke packaging to industry, ecommerce, distribution, and manufacturing throughout the UK. We import or manufacture most of our core product range making us competitive even with the biggest of our competitors.  This competitive edge couples with our excellent customer service, that you would expect from a family-run company, to make us a strong competitor in the UK market.

Here's what makes us special:

  • Problems to Solutions - A friendly team with a fresh approach to solving packaging problems, always pushing the boundaries of manufacturing machinery.
  • Quick Turnaround - Access to an extensive supplier base combining fast turnaround suppliers coupled with very competitive sources.
  • Trusted to Deliver - Reliable delivery backed by a disciplined approach to stock holding with visibility on seasonal stock trends.

Based in the Midlands. Central to the UK.

Established in the heart of Coventry, Datec Packaging UK stands out as a family-run packaging enterprise with a dedication to service. Our customer-focused packaging approach guarantees customer satisfaction every step of the way. We specialise in industrial packaging and distribution packaging tailored to your specific requirements. From our extensive packaging product range to our unmatched packaging services, we are your one-stop UK packaging solutions provider.

We are based in the midlands, central to the UK and at the very heart of the motorway network giving us efficient access to all areas of the UK. With most of England within just 2 hours drive of our distribution warehouse, you can be assured of a fast and efficient service.

Let our commitment to delivery reliability and service excellence be your peace of mind. Connect with us and experience packaging at its best!  

We Help You: Save Time.

Datec, for when packing online orders needs to be done fast. The faster you can get orders through your packing benches, the better service you will give your customers. Happy customers return for more.

Explore our time saving packaging solutions designed to add value by reducing packing time on each order.

Here at Datec we help you save time.

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Crash Lock Base Box

Wanting to explore eco packaging options?

We have a wide range of paper alternatives to plastic packaging. Find out how we can help you reduce your reliance on single use plastic packaging.

Innovative Packaging Made Here.

We design and develop innovative packaging solutions to your packaging problems.
With a worldwide supplier base, and clever thinking, we have designed and developed a wide range of packaging solutions that work for you.

Pack Fast | Pack Smart

Retention Packaging.

Fast, perfect presentation. Retention packaging is clean, fast, and looks great, the perfect solution for high end online orders and gifts.

Nano Film.

Save Money. Nano layer stretch film is the latest in pallet wrapping film technology. Reduce costs and improve performance with a stronger but thinner film.

Paper Void Fill.

Eye catching, biodegradable void fill. Coloured paper void fill will catch your customers attention in two ways. It's brightly coloured, and it's eco friendly.