Packing Tape & Adhesive

Our packing tape and adhesive range covers a range of packaging tape, specialist adhesive tapes, and hot melt glue that are used for packaging and securing items for transit. With many different packaging tape types and brands available, from cost effective bulk packing tape for high volume users to high quality super tough export quality tape for the most demanding applications, our range is diverse and comprehensive. We import and source packing tape from the most renown packaging tape manufacturers across the world and the UK for a selection that covers both the cost conscious and quality critical.

Adhesive Tape - Packing Tape


Packing tape is used for general sealing applications during packing. For example taping a cardboard box closed or securing bubble wrap around a product. You'll find a wide range of different strengths for different applications.

Paper Packing Tape for a Recyclable Packing Tape Option


Paper tape is the eco friendly alternative to plastic packing tape and comes in different grades for different packing situations. Using paper tape means the tape can be recycled along with the cardboard box, a massive thumbs up to paper tape!

Extra Strong Packaging Tape - Export Tape


For those demanding export and bundling applications we offer a range of extra strong tape and export tape. In this range are very strong and sticky tapes like duct tape, crossweave tape, and HD vinyl tape.

Specialist Tape - Technical Tapes

Specialist TAPE

We also have a range of technical tape and tape for special applications. In this category you'll find masking tape, double sided tape, splicing tape, and lane marking tape.

Packaging Tape Machines - Tape Dispensers


Tape dispensers and taping machines make it so much easier to apply packing tape. Find out all the different packing tape dispensers, double sided tape dispensers, automatic taping machines, and more that we offer.

Packaging Adhesives - Hot Melt Glue


Packaging adhesives like hot melt glue are used for sealing boxes and assembling POS stands amongst many other applications. We have a range of different glue types in different configurations to help you glue cardboard better.

Packaging Tape

Packaging tape is used for sealing parcels and securing wrapping products in a range of different packaging applications. It is most commonly available in clear and brown tape colours but also available in a wide range of other colours such as white, red, blue, yellow, green, and black. Packaging tape is a plastic or paper liner coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive that can then be used to join packaging materials together. Different backing materials and different adhesives combined make up different grades of packaging tape which are useful for different applications. For example a cost effective polyprop tape with an acrylic adhesive makes the most cost effective tape but if you want high strength and good tack you need to choose a vinyl backing material with a strong solvent adhesive.

Clear Packing Tape

Clear packing tape is the same as brown packing tape but manufactured from a clear film and adhesive rather than brown. Clear packing tape is usually used for securing wrapping products like bubble wrap or foam, and for sealing white or coloured boxes. It looks more professional than brown packing tape as it takes on the colour of the product being taped and matches in. Clear tape is just as strong as brown tape and is usually the same price so it's a good option to choose to make your parcels look that bit better.

Paper Packing Tape

Paper packing tape is adhesive tape manufactured from a paper backing instead of a plastic backing. The crepe paper used in most paper packing tape is similar to masking tape but in a darker shade of brown. Using paper parcel tape is a great eco friendly option as it can be recycled along with the cardboard box. Paper tape is also biodegradable and manufactured from sustainable sources rather than using plastic film.

What is the difference between Packing Tape and Parcel Tape?

There is no difference between packing tape and parcel tape, they are just different names for the same thing. Although some people think they are two different things, in fact they are both the same product, some people call clear tape parcel tape and brown tape packing tape but to us you can call it either or!

Is brown packing tape recyclable?

Standard brown packing tape is recyclable strictly speaking, the problem is that it is often stuck to cardboard or other products which renders it useless for recycling purposes. Because you can't have paper and plastic recycled together it is often filtered from the cardboard recycling process and discarded as waste into landfill. That is why using paper tape is a good idea because this breaks down with the cardboard in the recycling process and gets converted back into paper.

Custom Packaging Tape

Custom packaging tape is packing tape that is personalised with a bespoke print. We can custom personalise tape in company logos and messages in up to four colours in a range of packaging tape grades and colours, find out more in our guide to custom printed packaging tape. Custom packaging tape is a great marketing tool and is a very cost effective method of branding your packaging if you can't afford personalised boxes. We can also personalise paper tape as well for a very eco friendly branding product.

Can you get Biodegradable Packing Tape?

Yes you can get biodegradable packing tape. Water activated gummed paper tape is biodegradable and recyclable and it's super easy to use too with our new paper tape dispensers in both fully automatic and manual options. Gummed paper tape is also a very secure option so perfect for parcels needing that extra protection. Because the adhesive is wet when it is applied it soaks into the cardboard and provides a very secure bond that is almost impossible to remove without visible evidence.

Packaging Tape for Freezers and Cold Rooms

We supply special packaging tape for cold rooms and freezers that resists cold and damp conditions. Many adhesive types cannot cope with cold temperatures and will either go hard or degrade with the damp conditions. Special freezer tape isn't affected by these low temperatures so will stay stuck keeping the contents of your boxes safe.