Corrugated Paper Rolls

Corrugated paper rolls are a versatile wrapping product for protecting a range of items across many different industries. The corrugated ridges give a rigid cushioning cardboard that protects heavy products that would normally pop bubble wrap.

Corrugated Paper 1200mm x 75m
£ 56.72 £ 56.72 56.72 GBP
A 1200mm cardboard packaging roll for wrapping and protecting items up to 120cm wide. Corrugated roll is a popular packaging material which is made from paper so is recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable, making it an eco-conscious packaging choice.
Corrugated Paper 900mm x 75m
£ 42.54 £ 42.54 42.54 GBP
A 900mm wide roll of cardboard in a single faced corrugated format for wrapping and packaging items up to 90cm wide. Cardboard roll is useful for packing both large and small items as it is flexible enough to wrap easily around corners and the long 75m length can be used to wrap large items.
Corrugated Paper 750mm x 75m
£ 35.45 £ 35.45 35.45 GBP
Cardboard rolls in 750mm width for packaging items up to 75cm wide. Corrugated cardboard roll is manufactured by bonding two layers of paper in a single faced corrugated format, resulting in a flexible protective cardboard that can be easily wrapped around items.
Corrugated Paper 600mm x 75m
£ 28.36 £ 28.36 28.36 GBP
600mm Corrugated paper made from single faced corrugated paper for packaging and protecting items up to 60cm wide. Corrugated paper is a protective cardboard packaging in rolls that is flexible and easy to cut and fold around both large and small items.
Corrugated Paper 450mm x 75m
£ 21.26 £ 21.26 21.26 GBP
Corrugated rolls of cardboard in 450mm width for packing items up to 45cm wide. Corrugated rolls are a biodegradable and compostable packaging material that is both recyclable and is made from fully recycled paper fibre. This makes it an eco-conscious packaging choice.
Corrugated Paper 300mm x 75m
£ 11.80 £ 11.80 11.8 GBP
A 300mm wide rolling cardboard for packaging items up to 30cm in width. This single faced cardboard can be easily rolled around items to create a thick layer of corrugated cardboard. This method of packaging is good for cost effective packaging of heavy items.