Corner Protectors & Edge Protection Strips

Corner protectors and edge protection strips are widely used across many industries for protecting corners and edges of finished products, pallets, and boxes from bumps and bashes, strapping indentions, and abrasions. Because corners and edges are at the extremity of any items they are the most vulnerable area and therefore are the areas that most needs protection. Our range of corner protectors covers a range of different materials each with their own strengths and weaknesses in specific applications. Included are eco-friendly corners manufactured from cardboard and pulp paper which contain high levels of recycled material and are biodegradable as well as recyclable.
Foam Edge Protector U80 60mm-80mm x 2000mm (40 per box)
Tulip profile recyclable foam protection for items between 60mm and 80mm thick. Made from a recyclable LDPE impact protection foam for high performance protection and an eco-conscious choice.
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Foam Edge Protector U60 45mm-60mm x 2000mm (50 Lengths per Box)
U profile foam edge protectors for items 45mm to 60mm thick. A high impact foam edging strip for corners and edges of items that are vulnerable during transit.
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Foam Edge Protector U45 35mm-45mm x 2000mm (80 Lengths per Box)
Tulip shaped profiled foam protector for corners and edges of profiles between 35mm & 45mm thick. A high impact edge protector foam for items that are prone to impact damage.
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Foam Edge Protector U35 25mm-35mm x 2000mm (90 Lengths per Box)
A foam edging strip for items between 25mm - 35mm thick in our easy to apply tulip profile that grips products effectively allowing fast packing and superior product protection.
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Foam Edge Protector U25 15mm-25mm x 2000mm (140 per box)
Our most popular foam corner protectors for sheets and panels between 15mm - 25mm thick. A U profile foam protection for corners with easy application and high performance impact protection.
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Foam Edge Protector 'L' Profile 50mm x 50mm x 6mm (240 Lengths per Box)
L profile foam corners for protecting the corners of cabinets, display stands, and other furniture type items. Blue foam corner protectors often used as foam angle protection in the exhibition industry.
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Large Plastic Edge Protector 60mm x 60mm (Box of 1000)
Large sized plastic corner protectors for protecting products from pallet indents and spreading the strapping tension loads.
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Medium Plastic Edge Protector 40mm x 35mm (Box of 1000)
Medium sized plastic edge protectors for protecting pallets and cartons from strapping indents.
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Small Plastic Edge Protector 33mm x 25mm (Box of 2000)
Small corner protectors for protecting corners from strapping indents. For use with strapping up to 16mm.
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Card Edge Protector 50mm x 50mm x 1200mm
A 1200mm long pallet corner protection strip for use as edging protection. A strong corner edge protector that can be used as protective corners for many items including pallets, cabinets, and furniture. Protects from corner impact damage and strapping indents.
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Card Edge Protector 35mm x 35mm x 3mm 1000mm
Cardboard edge protection strips for protecting corners of pallets from impact damage and strapping indents. Corner cardboard is popular as pallet edge protectors, but also can be used as packaging corner protection for furniture and cabinets.
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Plastic Expanding Corner Protector 14mm-40mm Black Medium (Box of 1000)
A medium sized plastic expanding corner protector designed to expand and grip sheets and panels. Used for packaging and protecting panels and sheet materials between 14mm and 40mm thick, they provide impact protection for vulnerable corners.
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Plastic Expanding Corner Protector 40mm-70mm Black Large (Box of 200)
Large expanding plastic corner protectors designed to protect corners of panels and sheet material between 40mm and 70mm thick. These black plastic corner protectors are used to provide protection from impact damage during transit.
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Plastic Open Corner Protector 60mm x 60mm x 28mm (Box of 1000)
Black plastic open corner protectors for protecting corners of cabinets and furniture that are vulnerable to impact damage during shipping. These open corner protectors are made from rigid plastic and are a cost effective corner protector for large items.
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