Bubl Bag Air Cushion Packaging


Our bubble air pack bags are a highly protective alternative to boxes and voidfill.
- Just pack your items in a Bubl bag, inflate, and pop in a courier bag or plastic mailer.
- No need to use boxes, Bubl bags are protective enough on their own.
- Low cost compared to boxes and voidfill.
- A lot faster than packing with boxes and voidfill.
- Recyclable

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Air Cushion Packaging

Our range of air cushion packaging bags are specifically designed to reduce the amount of packaging that you need to pack and send delicate items. The fast air cushion packaging blows up around your products creating a barrier of air that protects from any bumps and bashes your parcel might encounter on its journey. The blow up bags are designed to hold items tightly and provide crush resistance as well as protection, meaning that they can be shipped in a polymailer rather than having to use a box. Bubl air bags are designed to save you money as well as speed up your packing process. Find out more in the videos below.

How to use bubl bags
Watch to find out how to use bubl bags.
Bubl bags vs boxes
Find out how fast Bubl bags are
The bubl range
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Frequently Asked Questions about Air Cushion Packaging

Why don't I need a box to ship my online orders out?

If you are using bubl bag air cushion packaging to ship your online orders you don't need to use a cardboard box. This is because the blow up cushion of air provides all the protection you need without the extra box so you can just place the air cushion packaging in a polymailer instead.

Does Air Cushion Packaging prevent crushing?

Yes the blow up air cushion packaging holds your items in the middle of a bubble of air. When a heavy weight is placed on top the air transfers the load straight to the bottom of the pack, completely bypassing your items. This makes them ideal for delicate items that are prone to crushing.

Do you supply Air Compressors for blowing up the Air Cushions?

Yes we sell air compressors for blowing up the air cushions. This makes them very fast and easy, much faster than wrapping in bubble wrap or using void fill.