Retention Packaging & Suspension Packaging

Retention packaging and suspension packaging are packaging designs that restrain the items being packed by using a plastic film or paper sheet. By retaining the product there is no need to use extra void fill to fill the space around the product as the crumple zone that is created by the retention film is enough to give the needed protection. The item is suspended or retained in the box with a space all around it to protect it from damage. Retention & suspension packaging also gives a memorable unboxing experience for online orders. Often used for higher value electronics or gifts, the clear film holds the items firm and neatly in the box while presenting them in a professional way.

Retention Packaging Solutions

Retention packaging solutions can be developed for many different products and industries, from samples to engineering parts. The benefits of tightly holding items in place and the professional presentation of the clear film make it a popular choice for higher end products. Our film retention packaging can also be used to pack very heavy items by using our retention wrapping machine. This horizontal wrapping machine can wrap many layers of film around the retention board and the item being packed giving higher holding power for larger items.

Suspension Packaging Solutions

Suspension packaging solutions are a type of retention packaging that suspends the item in the middle of the box, usually between two layers of film. By sandwiching the item, it holds it tightly and prevents it from moving in the box while giving it a soft ride. It works like suspension on a car, softening the bumps and bashes a box receives on its journey through a courier system. This dampening action makes it idea for delicate products and electronic items with moving internal parts that would be susceptible to shocks.
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Retention Packaging

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Suspension Packaging


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