E-Tape™ - 150m Roll Packing Tape

E-tape™ is a high quality packing tape wound in a longer length roll configuration with a small core, saving downtime on roll changes as well as getting over twice as much tape in the same size box. It is available in acrylic, hot melt, and solvent adhesive ranges in both polyprop and vinyl backing options.  View Product Range

Silent E-Tape Dispenser No.2 50mm
£ 9.95 £ 9.95 9.950000000000001 GBP
A low noise parcel tape dispenser with a noise reducing system included for quiet taping. A premium quality hand tape dispenser designed to fit tape with a 2" core such as our e-tape rolls. Hand tape dispensers make taping boxes much quicker and easier.
Standard E-Tape Dispenser No.1 50mm
£ 9.50 £ 9.50 9.5 GBP
A heavy duty tape dispenser gun designed to fit tape with a 2" core such as our e-tape rolls or Envirotape rolls. These hand held tape dispensers are sturdy and long lasting with extra safety features such as retractable safety blade.
E-Tape Clear Plus PP ACR 48mm x 150m
£ 1.80 £ 1.80 1.8 GBP
A low cost polyprop clear packing tape with an acrylic adhesive. E-tape plus is perfect for high volume taping applications and can be used to tape boxes, bubble wrap, and other packaging materials.
E-Tape Buff Plus PP ACR 48mm x 150m
£ 1.80 £ 1.80 1.8 GBP
A brown polyprop tape in our E-tape brand with a cost-effective acrylic adhesive. A good quality general purpose tape suitable for most high volume tape applications.
E-Tape Clear Premium No.2 48mm x 150m
£ 2.52 £ 2.52 2.52 GBP
A transparent polyprop parcel tape with a premium quality hot melt adhesive. A high quality clear tape with a better quality adhesive suitable for most taping applications.
E-Tape Clear Premium No.1 48mm x 150m
£ 3.10 £ 3.10 3.1 GBP
A strong clear package tape with a high tack solvent adhesive for those demanding taping applications. This is our best quality tape, so if you need a tape that will stick, this is the one you need.
E-Tape Buff Premium No.2 48mm x 150m
£ 2.52 £ 2.52 2.52 GBP
A brown hot melt packaging tape on an extra long 150m roll. Hot melt tape is a premium adhesive that can be used for most general purpose taping of boxes and other packaging.
E-Tape No.1 Premium Buff 48mm x 150m
£ 3.10 £ 3.10 3.1 GBP
Premium brown tape in our E-tape 150m rolls. A thick polyprop backing with an aggressive tack solvent adhesive makes this the best choice for packing parcels fast and efficiently.