Parcel Tape

Our range of standard parcel tape includes both cost-effective short-term parcel tape as well as high performance export packing tape. Available in a range of different adhesives and backing materials, our choice of packaging tape is very comprehensive and includes common packing tape types used in most industries throughout the UK.
Our packing tape is mostly manufactured by European and UK manufacturers who focus on producing high quality as well as a very good price. We import and stock high quality brands such as Texus, Denva, Vibac, 3M Scotch, V-pro, and E-tape to mention a few, and aim to deliver a tape that sticks for our customers.

Clear Parcel Tape

Our range of clear parcel tape is popular for white boxes and sealing protective packaging materials such as bubble wrap and foam wrap. Clear parcel tape is the same grade and quality as brown parcel tape and is usually similar in price. Choose clear parcel tape if you want a cleaner look to your parcels or want the colour you are sticking to to show through the tape.

Brown Parcel Tape

Brown parcel tape is the most popular parcel tape for packing boxes and general taping applications. It's a versatile parcel tape that can be used for many different packaging applications and has a brown colour to match the brown cardboard colour. Brown parcel tape is one of the most cost-effective packaging tapes for packing parcels.
Eco-Friendly Paper Machine Tape 48mm x 500m
A recyclable and eco-friendly paper tape for machine use.
- A strong crepe paper tape in a 500m machine roll.
- Can be used on most taping machines.
- Recyclable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic tape.
- Ideal for taping cardboard boxes.
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