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Parcel Tape

Our range of standard parcel tape includes both cost-effective short-term parcel tape as well as high performance export packing tape. Available in a range of different adhesives and backing materials, our choice of packaging tape is very comprehensive and includes common packing tape types used in most industries throughout the UK.   View Product Range

Brown 48mm x 66m Standard Packing Tape DENVA PP ACR (PPTax at 2.51p/rl)
A cheap parcel tape in a popular brown colour for cost-effective high volume taping applications. Used widely in fulfilment and pick & pack industries as an economic packing tape.
£ 0.60 0.6 GBP
Brown Standard 48mm x 66m Polyprop ACR Packing Tape Hytack (PPTax at 2.99p/rl)
A high tack acrylic brown parcel tape that is a cost-effective packaging tape with a strong adhesive. Brown packing tape is used widely for taping boxes, bubble wrap, and other packaging materials securely for transport.
£ 0.96 0.96 GBP
Clear Premium Polyprop 48mm x 66m Hybrid Packing Tape Hytack (PPTax at 2.99p/rl)
Clear tape with a polyprop backing and an acrylic adhesive for use as a parcel tape in general packing tape applications. Often used on white boxes as the transparent tape looks more professional and tidy.
£ 1.14 1.1400000000000001 GBP
Premium Tape Dispenser for 50mm x 76mm Core
Heavy duty pistol grip tape dispenser which will take most standard 66m tape rolls with a 76mm inner core dimension. A rugged premium hand tape gun with heavy-duty metal construction which makes dispensing all our standard core tape quick and easy.
£ 9.49 9.49 GBP
Self-Adhesive Paper Tape Machine Roll 48mm x 500m Solvent Adhesive (Matt Finish)
An eco-friendly self adhesive paper tape for machine use. This is an eco-conscious alternative to plastic machine tape that can be used in taping machines without any alterations. Matt finish semi-crepe for trouble free machine use.
£ 19.50 19.5 GBP
VPRO Premium Brown 48mm x 66m Vinyl Packaging Tape Roll (PPTax at 2.97p/rl)
Brown vinyl tape with a buff coloured vinyl backing material and a high tack solvent adhesive. Vinyl tape is also tearable and is popular for packaging applications where a heavy duty brown tape is needed.
£ 2.89 2.89 GBP