Air Pillow Packaging

Our range of air pillow packaging is a low cost void filling product for void filling parcels. We stock a range of air pillow refill rolls in various sizes and provide air pillow packaging machines to suit a wide range of void filling and protective packaging applications.

Bubl Bag Air Cushion Packaging
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Our bubble air pack bags are a highly protective alternative to boxes and voidfill.
- Just pack your items in a Bubl bag, inflate, and pop in a courier bag or plastic mailer.
- No need to use boxes, Bubl bags are protective enough on their own.
- Low cost compared to boxes and voidfill.
- A lot faster than packing with boxes and voidfill.
- Recyclable
Week Free Trial - Airtech Air Pillow Packaging Machine
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A super fast and efficient air pillow machine producing enough voidfill per minute to keep even the busiest online order packing stations supplied with air pillows.
BUBL Pod Air Cushion Packaging
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A range of air pillow packaging sizes for sending delicate and high value items by courier.
200mm x 65mm AirPlus Air Pillow Packaging 1125m
£ 113.34 £ 113.34 113.34 GBP
An air pillow packaging refill roll for AirPlus machines in a small 65mm air pillow for packing smaller sized boxes.
200mm x 175mm AirPlus Air Pillow Packaging Refill Roll 1125m
£ 113.34 £ 113.34 113.34 GBP
A large sized air pillow refill roll for AirPlus air pillow machines. These pillow are best for large voids in large boxes.