Our range of air pillow packaging is a low cost void filling product for void filling parcels. We stock a range of air pillow refill rolls in various sizes and provide air pillow packaging machines to suit a wide range of void filling and protective packaging applications. Most of our void fill air pillow packaging contains over 50% recycled plastic so is a very eco friendly void fill packaging. We offer air pillow machines on a free weeks trial so you can try it out and check it is the right void fill for your application.
Air pillow packaging systems can range from a simple one off machine that you use on demand for packing small volumes of parcels, to complex bin systems that are fed by multiple air pillow machines. Designing air pillow packaging systems that are ergonomically sound and provide fast and efficient access from every packing bench is crucial to high speed packing of online orders.
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Air Pillow Machines

Recycled Plastic Air Pillow Packaging for Eco Friendly Shipping

Recycled Plastic Air Pillows

Week Free Trial - Airtech Air Pillow Packaging Machine
A super fast and efficient air pillow machine producing enough voidfill per minute to keep even the busiest online order packing stations supplied with air pillows.
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200mm x 65mm AirPlus Air Pillow Packaging 1125m
An air pillow packaging refill roll for AirPlus machines in a small 65mm air pillow for packing smaller sized boxes.
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200mm x 175mm AirPlus Air Pillow Packaging Refill Roll 1125m
A large sized air pillow refill roll for AirPlus air pillow machines. These pillow are best for large voids in large boxes.
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