Postal Tubes

Postal tubes are cylindrical tubes of cardboard manufactured by winding strips of paper around a central core. They can be used for sending rolled items such as posters and prints, or long thin items such as roller blinds, or metal extrusions. In our postal tube range you'll find strong kraft postal tubes in a range of sizes that can be used for mailing posters, prints, calendars, and other long thin or rolled items. Our range of postal tubes are very strong and sturdy allowing them to be used to post a range of items through royal mail or send via courier. Postal tubes come with plastic end caps to give a sturdy mailing tube. They are also recyclable and the cardboard part is biodegradable as well as using a high level of recycled material so are an eco friendly packaging as well.

How much protection do thin postal tubes offer?

Thin postal tubes offer a lot of protection because of their round construction. Even though the cardboard is quite thin the tubular design coupled with solid wall cardboard that is preformed in the tubular shape makes it a very rigid structure that is resistant to crushing. Adding the plastic end caps gives extra crush resistance and strengthens the ends of the tube for one of the strongest mailing packs for rolled items. Cardboard tubes also give a lot of protection to long thin items like metal rods or extruded sections. The rigidity of a cardboard tube makes it ideal for packaging flexible items or long thin products that are susceptible to bending or breaking.
Postal Tube A1 640mm x 75mm x 2.5mm Brown Kraft with End Caps
Premium Kraft Cardboard A1 Postal Tube with Plastic End Caps
- Quick and easy postal packaging for rolled A1 size posters.
- Useful for shipping long thin items like umbrellas.
- Strong and sturdy 2.5mm solid cardboard walls.
- Fully recyclable plastic end caps and cardboard.
- Minimum order quantity is 100 tubes.
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Postal Tube A2 460mm x 50mm x 1.5mm with End Caps
Brown Cardboard Postal Tubes for A2 Sized Items.
- Easily pack rolled A2 posters.
- Useful for packing long thin items like umbrellas.
- Very sturdy solid wall cardboard.
- Up to 75% recycled cardboard content.
- Both end cap and tube are fully recyclable.
- Minimum order quantity is 100 tubes.

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Postal Tube A3 330mm x 50mm Kraft with End Caps
A3 Brown Cardboard Postal Tube with White Plastic End Caps
- Pack and send rolled posters quickly and easily.
- Very strong and sturdy postal packaging for A3 sized items.
- Can be used for packing long thin items for courier.
- Up to 75% recycled cardboard content.
- Fully recyclable cardboard and plastic caps.
- Minimum order quantity is 100 tubes.

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