Retail Bags

Retail bags come in a multitude of different types, sizes, and colours, for use at exhibitions, in retail stores, as presentation packaging, and at shows. Most of our stock retail bags can be bespoke printed with logos and messages to get your brand out into the wide world. Here’s a few of the main types we offer here at Datec:

Economy Carrier Bags - High density polythene carrier bags with loop handles, commonly seen in supermarkets and other food stores.

Punched Handle Carrier Bags – Cost effective carrier bags with a patched and punched out handle, these carriers are a great cost-effective product for use in more premium retail stores.

Varigauge Carrier Bags - Premium carrier bags often used in retail stores, vari-gauge polythene is thicker and stronger at the handle to provide extra strength, removing the need for a patch and resulting in a smooth and classy alternative to patch handle carriers.


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