Heat Shrink Systems

When you need high pallet stability and/or flexible conformability consider our range of polythene heat shrink systems. Ideal for packaging a range of awkward shaped items protecting from abrasion and scratching. Polythene heat shrink systems are a very high performance pallet stability product considerably increasing pallet rigidity and security so perfect for packing heavier and larger items and pallets. Heat shrink film also protects from water damage as this product is waterproof and produces a completely sealed package when applied correctly. Heat shrink film is often clear in colour but in our bespoke heat shrink film range we offer coloured and printed options for better security and personalisation.

Heat Activated Heat Shrink Film Rolls

Heat activated shrink film is a specially formulated LDPE plastic wrapping film that is activated by applying heat, normally in the form of a gas flame from a heat shrink gun. When heated the film shrinks in on the item it is wrapped around and provides a tight waterproof covering that is very durable. Heat activated shrink film is often used for packing larger and heavier items such as white goods like washing machines & fridges, as well as pallets and even boats! We stock a range of heat shrink film rolls in different widths and also in continuous heat shrink film tubing to cover a range of different packaging applications.