Stretch Film

Pallet stretch film, also known as pallet stretch wrap, is a linear low density polythene film (LLDPE) that can be stretched around a pallet in layers. It is a cost-effective and quick method of wrapping a pallet, and used to keep them stable, and protect them from dust and water damage while in transit and storage. Our pallet wrap range includes a selection of different thicknesses, colours, and types, all of which are developed for different pallet configurations. Stretch film is used in many different industries including manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale and is a very versatile pallet wrapping product. It is supplied in hand rolls for wrapping a pallet by hand, and in machine rolls for wrapping pallets with an automatic pallet wrapping machine.

Prestretched Stretch Film

Prestretched stretch film is a high performance stretch film that has been optimally stretched to reduce the cost of wrapping a pallet. When wrapping by hand using standard pallet wrap the film is only stretched at an average of around 25% meaning that there is a lot of stretch left in the wrap. By pre-stretching the film on a machine, it produces around 80% of it's potential stretch leaving the additional 20% to be stretched in the normal wrapping procedure. This gives a stretch film that is maximising its potential and therefore substantially reducing the cost to wrap each pallet.