Stretch Film (Pallet Wrap)

Pallet stretch film, also known as pallet stretch wrap, is a linear low density polythene film (LLDPE) that can be stretched around a pallet in layers. It is a cost-effective and quick method of wrapping a pallet, and used to keep them stable, and protect them from dust and water damage while in transit and storage.

Megatop 900/1800mm x 1600mm Pallet Top Sheet  MD (250/roll)
£ 69.15 £ 69.15 69.15 GBP
A good quality pallet top sheet in an MDPE material with 30%+ recycled plastic content for a high strength, low cost, and eco friendly pallet topper.
Handywrap Dispenser Handle
£ 2.89 £ 2.89 2.89 GBP
500mm x 250m Super 25 Black Megastretch Pallet Stretch Wrap
£ 12.06 £ 12.06 12.06 GBP
A 500mm wide black pallet stretch wrap for security wrapping pallets. Good strong blown film for trouble free wrapping & opaque pallet finish.
500mm x 300m Super 20 Megastretch Pallet Stretch Wrap Flush Core
£ 10.99 £ 10.99 10.99 GBP
A 500mm wide heavy duty stretch film in a 20mu performance grade for wrapping heavy and awkward shaped pallets for transit.
400mm x 300m Super 20 Megastretch Plus Cast Pallet Wrap Ex Core (includes PPTax at 37.6p/roll)
£ 8.79 £ 8.79 8.790000000000001 GBP
A heavy duty 20mu performance stretch film for wrapping all types of pallets. A premium quality allrounder pallet wrap.
400mm x 300m Super 17 Megastretch Plus Cast Pallet Wrap Ex Core (includes PPTax at 28.8p/roll)
£ 7.76 £ 7.76 7.76 GBP
A general purpose 17mu performance stretch film for wrapping regular pallets.
500mm x 20mu Standard Stretch Cast Machine Pallet Stretch Film (includes PPTax at £2.87/roll)
£ 64.05 £ 64.05 64.05 GBP
A 20mu recyclable machine pallet wrap film for use on standard stretch pallet wrappers. This recyclable stretch film is manufactured on machine reels from a high quality recyclable LLDPE film on compostable cores.
500mm x 23mu Power Stretch 250% Cast Machine Pallet Stretch Film 30% Recycled
£ 54.36 £ 54.36 54.36 GBP
A 23mu machine pallet wrap for use in power prestretch machines up to 250% power stretch.
400mm x 200m Super 34 Megastretch+ Super Heavy Pallet Wrap Ext Core (includes PPTax at 41.2p/roll)
£ 9.66 £ 9.66 9.66 GBP
A super heavy duty pallet stretch wrap for wrapping heavy, awkward pallets with sharp corners.
Handywrap 100mm x 300m Premium Mini Stretch Wrap Rolls
£ 2.61 £ 2.61 2.61 GBP
Mini stretch wrap rolls made from stretch film for bundling & wrapping items for transit. A handy little roll that will fit most mini wrap dispenser handles.