Colompac® CP020 Cardboard Postal Wraps

Fast and highly protective postal wraps with reinforced edges in the reliable Colompac® brand. Premium Colompac book wraps are renown for their high quality construction and reliable strength.

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ColomPac® Book Wraps

Colompac CP020 book wraps are a book wrap design that wraps around the items inside similar to amazon style wrap around packaging. They have internal flaps which hold the items in place then the outer cardboard panel wraps around to provide the sturdy outer shell. Because the wrap around panel has horizontal fluting it is very easy to alter the depth of the pack to match the size of the items inside. This tightly wrapping design holds the packed items snugly and removes the need to use void fill materials to fill voids in the box.

Colompac CP020 book wraps also have a reinforced strip of folded over cardboard up each side of the cardboard wrap to give extra corner protection from impact. These reinforced edges also make the pack more crush resistant and rigid, so better for heavier books than standard book wrap packaging.

Colompac Book Wrap Features:

- Postal wrap design for packing a wide range of products for courier.

- Multi-depth design allows for packing a range of different depth items.

- Reinforced edges for better corner protection and higher crush resistance.

- Recyclable and biodegradable.

CP020.01 - 147 x 126 x 55mm ColomPac Book Wraps

This 147mm x 126mm ColomPac book wrap is perfectly sized for packing CDs and other similar items. Its small size makes it a handy mailer for small items. These small book wraps are the traditional wrap around style that allows small items to be packed in less than 15 seconds. ColomPac book wraps are designed to help you pack faster by tightly wrapping the items you are packing; completely removing the need for void fill and in many cases the need for any extra protective packaging at all.

CP020.02 - 217 x 155 x 60mm ColomPac A5 Book Wraps

The handy 217mm x 155mm A5 book wrap by ColomPac is ideal for packing many A5 size books, small electronics, and DVDs among many other similar sized items up to A5 size. The ColomPac book wrap range features self seal glue strips for fast and easy sealing of the postal wrap style mailers. The self-seal strip produces a very effective seal that is strong and tamper evident; great for that extra peace of mind when posting your online orders.

CP020.04 - 251 x 165 x 60mm ColomPac Book Wraps

At 251mm x 165mm, these small book wraps are a popular size for posting paperback books. They have a capacity of up to 60mm which allows you to send multiple books of different sizes at a time. Paperback book size cardboard wraps can also be used for a wide range of other items such as catalogues, samples, games, framed prints, and other similar size items. ColomPac book wraps have a convenient team open strip that allows your customers to quickly and easily open the pack in seconds. This frustration free opening makes them a firm favourite for sending online orders.

CP020.06 - 270 x 190 x 80mm ColomPac Comic Book Mailers

The 270mm x 190mm ColomPac book mailer size is just right for sending comics and larger hardbacked novels. The generous 80mm capacity means that very thick books or multiple items can be sent in these book mailers. Manufactured from an eco friendly corrugated cardboard, the ColomPac book mailer range is an environmentally sound choice of packaging. They are compostable, recyclable, and are made from over 65% recycled material for a low carbon footprint. Choosing an eco friendly book wrap means you'll be helping towards a better environment every time you post.

CP020.08 - 302 x 215 x 80mm ColomPac A4 Book Wraps

An A4 size book wrap at 302mm x 215mm gives a snug fit to many different A4 sized items such as A4 size books, documents, board games, and small electronic items.