Strapping Tools & Strapping Dispensers

Strapping tools and dispensers are used to tension, seal, cut, and dispense strapping. We stock strapping tools for all types of strapping, so keep in mind that different strapping types need different tools to tension and seal the strapping.

Heavy Duty Strapping Tensioner for Polyprop Strapping
£ 73.38 £ 73.38 73.38 GBP
A heavy duty pallet strap tensioner tool for tensioning strapping while strapping pallets and parcels. Our strapping tensioner is a high quality ratchet tensioner tool widely used in industry for plastic strapping.
Steel Strapping Sealer for 19mm Strap
£ 38.95 £ 38.95 38.95 GBP
A steel strapping crimper for use with snap on strapping clips or lapover seals. This strapping sealer tool crimps the seal and the metal strapping together to create a strong bond and maintain the tension on the strapping around the pallet.
Steel Strapping Sealer for use with 16mm Snap-on Seals
£ 43.44 £ 43.44 43.44 GBP
A good quality steel strapping crimping tool for use with 16mm snap-on metal clips. This strapping sealer tool crimps the metal seals and the steel strap together after tensioning to create a strong bond to each end of the pallet strap.
Steel Strapping Sealer for 12mm Strap
£ 34.95 £ 34.95 34.95 GBP
Heavy Duty Steel Strapping Tensioner 12/16/19mm
£ 108.76 £ 108.76 108.76 GBP
Steel Strapping Cutter for up to 19mm Strapping
£ 24.99 £ 24.99 24.990000000000002 GBP
Standard Sealer for 12mm Polyprop Strapping
£ 32.92 £ 32.92 32.92 GBP
RXT12 Friction Weld Battery Strapping Tool for 12mm Strap
£ 3,096.99 £ 3,096.99 3096.9900000000002 GBP
An excellent friction weld strapping tool that balances quality and price along with easy and ergonomic use.
Polyprop Strapping Starter Kit with Static Dispenser
£ 165.15 £ 165.15 165.15 GBP
Small handy low cost strapping starter kit for low volume pallet strapping applications.
This strapping kit contains:
- Small compact dispenser frame that is easy to handle and store.
- Rugged tensioning tool suitable for most general purpose strapping.
- A reel of 12m Polyprop strapping suitable for strapping most pallets.
- Strapping sealer for crimping seals onto the strap after tensioning.
- A box of 1000 general purpose 12mm strapping seals.