Paper Tape

Paper tape is the new ecological alternative to plastic tape and is proving very popular for online stores and retailers alike. Instead of using a plastic backing material, paper tape uses paper instead so bio-degrades much quicker than plastic tape and allows it to be recycled along with the cardboard box at the end of its life. Paper tape comes in two different forms; one is water-activated gummed paper tape which has a special dispenser to ‘wet’ the adhesive before application to the box, the other is a self-adhesive paper tape that comes already sticky like a normal tape so you can use it with the same dispensers and in the same way. Water activated gum adhesive gives a very strong bond helping you to reduce the amount of tape used, as well as being the most environmentally friendly tape available. This, along with the super-fast automatic dispenser, is helping packing operations pack faster than ever before.

Eco Friendly Kraft Paper Tape

Our range of eco friendly kraft paper tape comes in white kraft paper tape or brown kraft paper tape, and can be custom printed as personalised paper tape. Eco friendly kraft paper tape is made from a crepe paper which has a great looking matt finish that is flexible enough to use on many different sorts of packaging. It is most popular as an eco friendly packing tape for sealing ecommerce boxes for online orders. Eco paper tape conveys an environmentally friendly message to your customers, proving you are doing your bit for the environment.
Custom Printed Paper Tape 48mm x 50m
Brown or white recyclable paper tape with a premium matt finish, custom printed with your logos and messages.
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Brown 48mm x 200m GSI Gummed Paper Tape
A brown gummed paper tape for general purpose use in manual or automatic water activated dispensers.
- 48mm wide suitable for most carton sealing applications.
- Only 1 strip of tape needed for high performance bond.
- Tamper evident seal.
- This is a gum adhesive that needs a water dispenser to activate the adhesive, for self adhesive tape please see below in the alternative product section.
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Eco-Friendly Paper Machine Tape 48mm x 500m
A recyclable and eco-friendly paper tape for machine use.
- A strong crepe paper tape in a 500m machine roll.
- Can be used on most taping machines.
- Recyclable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic tape.
- Ideal for taping cardboard boxes.
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