Cardboard Book Wraps

A range of robust cardboard book wraps in the popular wrap around Amazon style of packaging for packing many different online order items such as books, DVD's, electronic items, games, cosmetics, and many more. Cardboard book wrap mailers have been used by large online retailers such as Amazon for many years and remain a popular packaging style for many different online retailers. We manufacture cardboard wraps here in the UK and you'll find the thicker and stronger SMART fluting that we use gives a better quality wrap than other book wraps on the market. SMART flute corrugated cardboard is the perfect fluting for postal wraps because it is stronger and thicker than most slim fluted cardboard, but is not too thick to add extra weight and thickness to your parcels when you are trying to keep them under parcel restrictions. All our Tufpac® branded cardboard wraps have our high strength, high tack, ultra performance liquid glue sealing strip that has been specially selected for ultimate performance. These wrap around packs are one of three book wrap designs that we produce here in the UK, you can also find economy book wraps and premium book wraps in the Tufpac® range along with our range of corrugated cardboard envelopes.

Bespoke Cardboard Book Wraps

We can manufacture bespoke cardboard wraps in custom sizes and personalised with logos and brand colours. Bespoke book wraps can be used by online stores for sending a range of small online orders as well as being popular with book shops and publishers for sending books in the post. Custom book wraps can be printed on the inside and outside depending on your requirements. Speak to one of our team today or take a look at our custom packaging for ecommerce shops page.

FAQs about Cardboard Wraps

Are cardboard wrap mailers eco friendly?

Yes, cardboard wrap mailers are eco friendly. They are made from 65% to 100% recycled material, as well as being recyclable and compostable.

What are the Standard Cardboard Wrap Sizes?

The standard cardboard wrap sizes are:
  • 216 x 154 x 0-50mm: A5 size (also C1 Size)
  • 260 x 175 x 0-70mm
  • 311 x 240 x 0-50mm: A4 size
  • 326 x 280 x 0-100mm
  • 420 x 320 x 0-100mm: A3 size

What are Amazon Style Wraps?

Amazon style wraps are a cardboard wrap around style of packaging that is very fast to pack. They also feature crumple zones to protect the items inside, a self seal strip to seal the pack quickly, and a handy tear open strip for frustration free opening.

Tufpac® 326mm x 280mm x 0-100mm Standard C4 Book Wrap (Pack of 50)
Recyclable C4 book wraps in our signature SMART corrugated fluting, perfect for packing games, folders, and large books. Book mailers that wrap around offer superior protection with extra corner protection in addition to being recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.
£ 36.25 £ 36.25 36.25 GBP Add to Cart
Tufpac® 311mm x 240mm x 0-50mm Standard A4 Book Wraps
A pack of 50 A4 book wrap mailer for A4 sized books, documents, catalogues, and more. A popular choice of book packaging offering very high levels of protection for books and similar items, perfect for sending books through the post.
£ 28.75 £ 28.75 28.75 GBP Add to Cart
Tufpac® 260mm x 175mm x 0-70mm Standard Book Wraps
A pack of 50 fast and cost effective book wraps the perfect size for sending hardback novels, comics, and a range of other similar size items. Wrap around book boxes are a great option for packing books efficiently due to their good protection levels.
£ 18.41 £ 18.41 18.41 GBP Add to Cart
Tufpac® 216mm x 154mm x 0-50mm Standard A5 Book Wraps
Pack of 50 DVD & A5 size book wraps for sending media, electronic gadgets, and paper backed books. Cardboard postal mailers are multi-depth adjustable allowing for items up to 50mm thick to be packed quickly with no extra void filling.
£ 18.25 £ 18.25 18.25 GBP Add to Cart
Tufpac® 420mm x 320mm x 0-100mm Standard A3 Book Wrap
A A3 book wrap for packing and shipping large online orders up to 100mm thick via courier. A strong book wrap mailer for A3 size books and prints. Postal wrap book boxes are height adjustable for packing multiple depths up to 100mm thick.
£ 32.93 £ 32.93 32.93 GBP Add to Cart