Postal Packaging

Postal packaging mailers that are manufactured from cardboard and most have been specifically designed for sending online orders. They are usually made using sturdy materials suitable for sending via courier, and are often size adjustable to help pack different sized orders quickly and easily without the need for voidfill.

Small PiP Box 170 x 100 x 21mm Brown Large Letter Postal Box
£ 0.20 £ 0.20 0.2 GBP
An A6 size large letter box for packing items up to 170 x 100mm with a 21mm thickness. Large letter postal boxes are small cardboard boxes that fit through the Royal Mail large letter slot and are within the PiP large letter size criteria.
430mm x 110mm x 38mm White Letterbox Box
£ 0.44 £ 0.44 0.44 GBP
A handy size long and thin letterbox box that will fit through most UK letterbox slots. A professional looking white postal box, great for sending a range of items through the postal service.
Tufpac 249mm x 352mm Large Letter Cardboard Envelopes (Box of 100)
£ 36.53 £ 36.53 36.53 GBP
A Maximum large letter envelope made from strong and stiff solid cardboard that can be used to send books and a range of online orders via Royal Mail as a Large Letter.
Tuftwist® 305 x 203 x 0-80mm White Book Wrap with Peel & Seal (Pack of 50)
£ 47.40 £ 47.40 47.4 GBP
A medium size smart white book wrap perfect for sending medium size ecommerce orders such as electronic items, puzzles, toys, and gifts.
- Clean white outside book wrap to give that extra wow to your online order deliveries.
- Our high security twistwrap design that tightly wraps around your items keeping them safe and secure.
- Manufactured in the UK with 100% recycled materials.
- Biodegradable, and fully recyclable.
- Our dependable Tufpac® high performance peel & seal closure for super fast packing.
- Super easy tear open strip for frustration free opening.
- Personalisable with your logo and brand message, see below for more details.
Tuftwist® 195 x 140 x 0-80mm White Book Wrap with Peel & Seal (Pack of 50)
£ 31.11 £ 31.11 31.11 GBP
A smart white book wrap perfect for sending a range of online orders such as electronic items, games, toys, and gifts.
- Professional white outside book wrap to make your ecommerce deliveries stand out from the rest.
- Twistwrap design that tightly hugs the contents keeping them safe and secure.
- 100% recycled materials, biodegradable, and fully recyclable.
- High performance secure peel & seal closure for super fast packing.
- Super easy tear open strip for frustration free opening.
- Personalisable with your logo and brand message, see below for more details.
Tufpac® 216 x 154 x 0-50mm Economy Lite Book Wrap (Pallet of 6400)
£ 1,228.80 £ 1,228.80 1228.8 GBP
Bulk buy pallet quantities of A5 book wrap mailers perfect as low cost paperback book mailers & for sending DVDs. Ideal for high volume shipping mailers in Amazon style pick and packing facilities and fulfilment houses.
Tufpac® 260 x 175 x 0-70mm Economy Lite Book Wrap (Pallet of 4400)
£ 1,108.80 £ 1,108.80 1108.8 GBP
A pallet of 4400 bulk buy book wraps for those looking for wholesale rates on 260 x 175mm book mailers. These low cost wrap around mailers are a great option for high volume fulfilment and packing departments wanting a cost effective mailer.
Tufpac® 311 x 240 x 0-50mm Economy Lite Book Wrap (Pallet of 3300)
£ 1,151.70 £ 1,151.70 1151.7 GBP
A pallet of 3300 low cost bulk buy A4 book wraps at wholesale rates. Buy direct from a book wrap manufacturer for a cost effective bulk book mailer made from light but strong corrugated cardboard.
Coloured 470mm x 350mm Corrugated Bag (Box of 50)
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP
A coloured corrugated bag perfect for sending LP Vinyl Records and other flat items in style.
- Various colours for an eye catching delivery.
- Corrugated paper lining gives a stiffer mailing bag.
- More effective corner protection than a bubble lined mailing bag.
- Fast to pack with easy peel & seal closure.
- Biodegradable and recyclable.
Board Backed LP Record Envelope 394mm x 318mm White (Box of 125)
£ 38.94 £ 38.94 38.94 GBP
Rigid board backed envelope for cost effective posting of Vinyl LP Records and other flat items.
- Rigid 600gsm board back keeps records flat during shipping.
- Low cost method of sending 1-2 vinyl records at a time.
- Premium clean white finish for better presentation.
- Biodegradable and recyclable.
- Can be personalised with your logo and brand colours.
Colompac® CP151 Instant Bottom Pop-up Boxes (Pack of 10)
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP
Colompac® CP151 ecommerce boxes with a pop-up instant base.
- Super fast pop-up carton base.
- Fast and easy peel & seal closure.
- Frustration free easy tear open strip.
- Recyclable and biodegradable.
Personalised eComBag® Bio 185 x 230 + 60mm Gusset Paper Mailing Bag Brown Custom Printed 1 Colour (Pack of 100)
£ 19.38 £ 19.38 19.38 GBP
Our smallest eComBag® biodegradable paper mailing bags personalised with your logo and message. Custom printed paper mailing bags are a great way to advertise your brand and looking professional when delivering your online orders.
eComBag® Bio 225 x 345 + 60mm Gusset A4 Paper Mailing Bag Brown (Pack of 100)
£ 19.80 £ 19.80 19.8 GBP
eComBag® bio A4 paper mailing bags. Durable and water resistant mailing bags manufactured completely from paper.
300mm x 430mm Compostable Paper Mailing Bag with 80mm Gusset (Pack of 200)
£ 80.56 £ 80.56 80.56 GBP
A 300mm x 430mm compostable paper mailing bag often used as an ecommerce bag for packing online orders. Made from durable kraft paper that has been pressure sealed to make it water resistant, helping to keep your items clean and dry.
Paper Mailing Bag 260mm x 410mm + 70mm Gusset with Peel & Seal Closure (Pack of 300)
£ 97.56 £ 97.56 97.56 GBP
These 260mm x 410mm paper mailers with a 70mm expanding gusset for packing thicker items for courier. A water resistant paper ecommerce bag for sending online order by courier, with a quick and easy self seal closure.
Paper Mailing Bag 250mm x 353mm + 50mm Gusset with Peel & Seal Closure (Pack of 250)
£ 85.68 £ 85.68 85.68 GBP
250mm x 353mm paper mailing bags made from water resistant and compostable paper for those looking for an eco-conscious mailing bag that keeps your items dry. Designed in a gusseted bag style with a peel & seal strip for fast packing.
Paper Mailing Bag 190mm x 300mm + 50mm Gusset with Peel & Seal Closure (Pack of 500)
£ 149.15 £ 149.15 149.15 GBP
Recyclable small paper mailers that will pack items up to 190mm x 300mm in size and up to 70mm thick. A biodegradable and recyclable mailing bag that is made from kraft paper, a durable and water resistant bag with a quick and easy self seal closing strip.
Tufpac 458mm x 328mm Capacity A3 Cardboard Envelope (Box of 75)
£ 64.32 £ 64.32 64.32000000000001 GBP
A3 sized solid board cardboard mailer envelope for mailing large books, A3 sized documents and posters. 400gsm all board courier envelopes like these are great for helping to keep large flat items safe and crease free.
Tufpac 278mm x 400mm Capacity Cardboard Envelope (Box of 100)
£ 51.17 £ 51.17 51.17 GBP
Recyclable oversize solid board cardboard envelope mailer for sending small online orders and larger books. These biodegradable & compostable book envelopes are made from stiff cardboard with a very high recycled fibre content, a great eco-conscious choice.
Tufpac 234mm x 334mm Capacity A4 Cardboard Envelope (Box of 100)
£ 30.20 £ 30.20 30.2 GBP
A strong and stiff solid board cardboard mailer envelope that can be used to send A4 books and a range of online orders. Capacity envelopes like these are fast and easy for posting products through the post or courier system.
Tufpac 194mm x 292mm Capacity Cardboard Envelope (Box of 100)
£ 27.89 £ 27.89 27.89 GBP
The perfect small cardboard mailer envelope for sending online orders. The mailer wallet style of these envelopes help you to quickly and easily pack any small or flat item with ease, and the strong 400gsm all board back and front offers exceptional rigidity.
Tufpac 180mm x 235mm Capacity A5 Cardboard Envelope (Box of 100)
£ 25.69 £ 25.69 25.69 GBP
Solid board cardboard mailer envelope perfect for mailing books, DVD's, documents and many other small online orders. These lil' envelopes are a great alternative to jiffy bags helping you to pack faster and reduce damages in the post.
530 x 720 x 50mm Corrugated Board Envelope (Pack of 20)
£ 60.23 £ 60.23 60.230000000000004 GBP
A large rigid envelope made from e-flute corrugated cardboard with a brown kraft finish. These big board envelopes will pack items up to 20" x 28" making then one of the biggest cardboard envelopes on the market.
570 x 420 x 50mm Corrugated Board Envelope (Box of 50)
£ 103.88 £ 103.88 103.88 GBP
Strong stiff envelopes in a wallet style and made from corrugated E-flute cardboard. Fluted cardboard envelopes are stiffer than other board envelopes making them ideal for keeping items crease free.
340 x 500 x 50mm Corrugated Board Envelope (Box of 100)
£ 116.06 £ 116.06 116.06 GBP
A good quality rigid envelope that will take A3 size items up to 50mm thick. A strong courier envelope that is made from recyclable cardboard that contains over 50% recycled fibre, making it a great eco-conscious choice for those wanting an eco friendly mailer.
250 x 340 x 50mm Corrugated Board Envelope (Box of 100)
£ 71.96 £ 71.96 71.96000000000001 GBP
A postal mailer that will fit within the Royal Mail large letter restrictions. A maxi pip envelope made from strong corrugated cardboard for keeping your items crease free while travelling through the royal mail postal system.
235 x 340x 35mm Corrugated Board Envelope (Box of 100)
£ 65.67 £ 65.67 65.67 GBP
A C4 corrugated envelope for mailing documents, files, folders, and foolscap through the post. The rigid e-fluted board keeps contents crease free and protects corners from impact damage. Also includes capacity creases for increased depth mailings.
215 x 300 x 50mm Corrugated Board Envelope (Box of 100)
£ 61.78 £ 61.78 61.78 GBP
An A4 cardboard envelope in a corrugated cardboard with a premium kraft finish. A4 mailers will fit A4 prints and documents keeping them flat and crease free while in storage or in the post. Recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable for the eco-conscious choice.
185 x 270 x 0-50mm Corrugated Board Envelope (Box of 100)
£ 53.73 £ 53.73 53.730000000000004 GBP
150 x 250 x 0-50mm Corrugated Board Envelope (Box of 100)
£ 44.70 £ 44.70 44.7 GBP
A handy little corrugated envelope for sending a range of small online orders.
- Just over 19p when ordering pallet quantities (70+ Boxes) with our top tier 30% discount!
- Premium kraft E-flute material for a high quality postal envelope.
- Easy pop-up to 50mm capacity for larger items.
- Good corner protection.
- Peel & seal closure with handy tear opening.
- Discounted pricing on pallet quantities - 70 boxes per pallet.
Tufpac® 460 x 323 x 0-70mm Brown / Black A3 Book Wrap Mailers
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP
A premium black coloured A3 book wrap. This strong and sturdy A3 book packing box will pack many different items around C3 size up to 70mm thick. Premium book wrap mailers have reinforced folded side strips for extra strength and rigidity.
Tufpac® 383 x 293 x 0-80mm Brown/Black Large Book Wrap Mailers
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP
Large premium brown/black book wrap mailers for packing large hardback books and games. These strong book cartons have double walled edges for increased strength as well as being made from 150 kraft weight cardboard.
Tufpac® 333 x 275 x 0-80mm Brown/Black Ring Binder Mailers
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP
Premium ring binder sized premium book mailers in two tone brown/black colour. A strong cardboard wrap that will fit products around a ring binder size up to 80mm thick.
Tufpac® 325 x 250 x 0-80mm Brown/Black C4 Book Wrap Mailers
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP
Premium brown/black C4 book wrap. This C4 book wrap is useful for packing A4 books and other flat online orders such as framed prints, games, and gift sets. Strong book wrap mailers are identified by their double reinforced edges and strong cardboard construction.
Tufpac® 302 x 215 x 0-80mm Brown/Black A4 Book Wrap Mailers
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP
Premium brown/black A4 book packaging wraps. These A4 book wraps are perfect as cardboard book packaging for packing A4 size books, photo frames, prints, catalogues, & general retail items.
Tufpac® 270 x 190 x 0-80mm Brown/Black Comic Book Mailers
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP
Premium brown/black cardboard packaging for books in a useful comic size. This medium size book wrap can be used for a range of comics, books, media, and online orders such as photo frames, gift sets, and games.
Tufpac® 251 x 165 x 0-60mm Brown / Black C5 Book Wrap Mailers
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP
Our premium C5 book wrap is ideal as book shipping packaging for most medium size books as well as smaller online orders to send by royal mail small parcel. Cardboard postal mailers like these are made from recyclable cardboard that is biodegradable and compostable.
Tufpac® 217 x 155 x 0-60mm Brown / Black A5 Book Wrap Mailers
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP
A premium brown/black A5 book wrap. This small C5 size book boxes are a great looking option for book packaging or to pack other flat items around A5 size. Cardboard wrap mailers are renown for their good corner protection and good security.
Tufpac® 326 x 280 x 0-100mm Standard C4 Book Wrap
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP
Recyclable C4 book wraps in our signature SMART corrugated fluting, perfect for packing games, folders, and large books. Book mailers that wrap around offer superior protection with extra corner protection in addition to being recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.
Tufpac® 311 x 240 x 0-50mm Standard A4 Book Wraps
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP
A pack of 50 A4 book wrap mailer for A4 sized books, documents, catalogues, and more. A popular choice of book packaging offering very high levels of protection for books and similar items, perfect for sending books through the post.
Tufpac® 260 x 175 x 0-70mm Standard Book Wraps
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP
Fast and cost effective book wraps the perfect size for sending hardback novels, comics, and a range of other similar size items. Wrap around book boxes are a great option for packing books efficiently due to their good protection levels.
Tufpac® 216 x 154 x 0-50mm Standard A5 Book Wraps
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP
Pack of 50 DVD & A5 size book wraps for sending media, electronic gadgets, and paper backed books. Cardboard postal mailers are multi-depth adjustable allowing for items up to 50mm thick to be packed quickly with no extra void filling.
Tufpac® 420 x 320 x 0-100mm Standard A3 Book Wrap
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP
A A3 book wrap for packing and shipping large online orders up to 100mm thick via courier. A strong book wrap mailer for A3 size books and prints. Postal wrap book boxes are height adjustable for packing multiple depths up to 100mm thick.
Tuftwist® TP15 350 x 350 x 0-40mm Peel & Seal Vinyl Record Mailer
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP
A very protective postal wrap for LP records, big and strong enough to send multiple vinyl records at a time. Twist style record mailers are sturdy cardboard wrap around packaging mailers that protect LP vinyl records very well when sending through the post.
Tuftwist® TP11 325 x 255 x 0-75mm Self Seal C4 Twist Wrap
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP
C4 twist wrap packaging for books, games, jigsaws, and similar items up to 13 x 10 inches. Twist wrap mailers combine cross dimensional fluting and buffer edges for premium protection and greater rigidity when mailing books through the post.
Tuftwist® TP09 315 x 223 x 0-90mm Peel & Seal A4 Twist Wrap Book Mailers
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP
A4 size twistwrap book mailers for packing A4 sized books, documents, catalogues, and more. Cardboard twist packaging is a secure design of book wrap packaging that twists to give cross dimensional fluting for extra stiff book mailers.
Tuftwist® TP07 275 x 213 x 0-90mm Peel & Seal Twist Wraps
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP
Hard backed book sized twist wrap book box for posting books, smaller games and jigsaws, and other online orders. Twist style book boxes are a sturdy cardboard mailer box that protect items well with buffer zones and rigid fluting for superior protection.
Tuftwist® TP05 238 x 175 x 0-55mm Peel & Seal Twist Wrap Mailers
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP
Small sized twist wrap mailer for smaller hard backed books, small toys, games, and electronic items up to 9.5 x 7 inches. Cardboard twist style boxes are sturdy mailers for sending items through courier or postal systems.
Tuftwist® TP03 225 x 155 x 0-50mm Peel & Seal A5 Twist Wrap Postal Mailers
£ 0.00 0.0 GBP
A5 twistwrap style postal wrap with peel & seal closing strip for packing A5 sized paperback books, DVD's, CD's and other small electronic items. Twist wrap mailers are multi-scored for adjustable sizing, removing the need for internal void fill.
Grey Opaque 325mm x 475mm Mailing Bag 13" x 19" (Box of 500)
£ 45.65 £ 45.65 45.65 GBP
C3 size postal bags for A3 items up to 325mm x 475mm. A waterproof opaque poly bag in grey/black co-extruded polythene with a self seal lip for quick and easy sealing. Fully recyclable and made from recycled plastic.
C4 Large Letter Box 335 x 245 x 20mm Tufpac® White C4 PiP Boxes
£ 0.49 £ 0.49 0.49 GBP
A white C4 PiP Postal Box in the Maximum Size for Royal Mail Large Letter with a peel & seal closure strip. C4 postal boxes that fit through the large letter slot are great for reducing postage costs as they will always ship as a large letter size through the post.
Large Letter 330mm x 160mm x 20mm Tufpac® PiP Postal Carton
£ 0.46 £ 0.46 0.46 GBP
Large Letter PiP Boxes for sending via Royal Mail with self seal strip. A white large letter box for sending items up to 330mm x 160mm and up to 20mm thick via the postal system. White pip boxes are biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable.
C5 Large Letter Box 260 x 160 x 20mm Tufpac® White C5 PiP Box
£ 0.42 £ 0.42 0.42 GBP
White C5 Large Letter PiP Postal Carton with peel & seal closure & frustration free tear open strip. C5 large letter postal boxes are a large letter box for items up to 260 x 160 x 20mm, they are designed to post A5 items within the large letter criteria.
​​​​​Bubble Lined Mailer K/7 350mm x 470mm White Protect (Box of 50)
£ 17.08 £ 20.97 17.080000000000002 GBP
**Half price if you order 5 or more boxes**

An MM7 size Jiffy bag for packing items up to 350 x 470mm. This A3 jiffy bag is a lightweight mailmiser construction with a paper outer and jiffy bubble lining. Large jiffy bags are ideal for posting A3 prints or other similar items.
Up to 50% off!
​​​​​Bubble Lined Mailer J/6 300mm x 445mm White Bubble Lined Bag (Box of 50)
£ 15.20 £ 18.45 15.200000000000001 GBP
**Half price if you order 5 or more boxes**
J/6 size Jiffy mailmiser for items up to 300 x 445mm. Mailmiser envelopes are a lightweight mailer that is made from a strong paper outer with a bubble padded lining made with Astrobubble® for reliable protection.
Up to 50% off!
​​Bubble Lined Mailer H/5 270mm x 360mm White Protect (Box of 100)
£ 26.94 £ 26.94 26.94 GBP
A large Jiffy envelope in H/5 size for mailing items up to 270 x 360mm. Clean white paper outer with a protective bubble wrap lining makes these padded envelopes very popular for sending large items by post or courier.
​240mm x 335mm G/4 Jiffy Bag White A4 Padded Envelope (Box of 100)
£ 23.94 £ 23.94 23.94 GBP
White A4 size bubble envelopes for quick and efficient packing for A4 size items. Postal padded bags like these are great for posting small items on courier, the bubble padding material cushions the contents well.
​​Bubble Lined Mailer F/3 220mm x 335mm White Protect (Box of 100)
£ 23.85 £ 23.85 23.85 GBP
MM3 size jiffy mailers for posting items up to 220 x 335mm safely and securely through the postal system. This F/3 padded mailer will also fit within the Large Letter PiP guidelines for posting via Royal Mail helping you to save on postage costs.
​Bubble Lined Mailer Premium Size E/2 220mm x 265mm (Box of 100)
£ 18.87 £ 21.70 18.87 GBP
50% off when you order 5 or more boxes!
These premium 220mm x 265mm size mailing bags provide reliable protection and secure closure for your shipments. With a compact size, they are versatile for various items, ensuring safe and efficient deliveries.
Up to 50% off!
​180mm x 265mm D/1 Jiffy Bag White A5 Padded Envelope (Box of 100)
£ 15.16 £ 15.16 15.16 GBP
The popular bubble padded envelope in a useful A5 size for packing & sending items in the post.
​​Bubble Lined Mailer C/0 150mm x 215mm White Protect (Box of 100)
£ 12.93 £ 12.93 12.93 GBP
A C/0 size jiffy mailer for packing and posting items up to 150mm x 215mm. These popular jiffy bags have long been a mainstay for posting many items via the postal service. Often used in post rooms and offices for mailing.
​Bubble Lined Mailer B/00 120mm x 215mm White Protect (Box of 200)
£ 23.49 £ 23.49 23.490000000000002 GBP
A small mailer with bubble padding for posting items up to 120mm x 215mm in size. Great for packing and sending small items, the inner padding coupled with the strong paper mailer gives a reliable and popular mailing bag.
Bubble Bag 380mm x 435mm + Lip, BB7 (Box of 100)
£ 43.60 £ 43.60 43.6 GBP
A large bubble wrap bag 380 x 435mm that can be used for packing large items such as vinyl records, framed prints, and large books.
Acid Free Tissue 450mm x 700mm (White) (Ream)
£ 11.59 £ 11.59 11.59 GBP
A pack of 480 acid free tissue paper sheets in a popular 450mm x 700mm size. These white tissue paper sheets are used regularly to wrap a wide range of products to protect against abrasion and scratching. Can be used on painted surfaces without leaving marks, and even delicate antique items due to its acid free manufacturing process.
Board Envelope LP Vinyl Record Mailer 406mm x 318mm White (Box of 100)
£ 32.83 £ 32.83 32.83 GBP
A solid board envelope in white with a peel & seal closure and tear open strip.
- Just the right size for mailing vinyl lp records.
- Stiff solid wall cardboard with premium coated white finish.
- High security peel & seal strip for sealing.
- Quick and easy tear open strip.
- Recyclable and manufactured from up to 80% recycled material.
- Personalise with your brand logo, see below for details.

**Order over £750 and get these for £24.63 per box**
Envosafe Protect Bubble Lined Mailer Value Multipack
£ 54.80 £ 91.33 54.800000000000004 GBP
40% off! - Value pack of multiple end-of-line bubble lined mailers.
Over 500 mailers - just 10p each!

100x White CD 145mm x 145mm
100x Gold B/00 120mm x 215mm
85x Gold C/0 150mm x 215mm
80x White C/0 150mm x 215mm
75x White F/3 220mm x 335mm
90x White H/5 270mm x 360mm
40% off!