Tuftwist® Twistwrap Book Boxes & Twist Wraps

Our very high protection Tuftwist® twistwrap style book boxes are one of the most flexible products for packaging books, toys, games, and other flat items. The special twist packaging style can be easily folded to suit the length and depth of your items, holding your products tightly and securely during transit. With extended edge crumple zones and double face protection these folding boxes make the perfect package.

Strong book packaging is very important when you are sending rare or expensive books. We've developed our Tuftwist® range to give the best protection possible for heavy books. Our twistwrap book boxes have two sealing strips to give extra security. The inside flaps are secured with our strong peel & seal adhesive as well as the outside flaps to make sure your products reach your customer in perfect condition. Our range of twist wraps are one of our most popular book packaging products and are bought by many book shops up and down the country.

Using Twist wraps as eCommerce Packaging

The twist style book mailer construction of our Tuftwist® twist wraps makes them ideal as eCommerce Packaging. If you are an online store you can use twist wraps for dispatching multi-sized online orders as the length and height can be adjusted to suit the products being packed. Tightly wrapped items also mean you don't have to use any voidfill so makes packing much faster and cheaper. They can be used for flat items such as frames, prints, and comics, as well as bulkier items like samples, gifts, games, perfume, and media like DVDs and vinyl records, our lil' twist wraps can be use for small items like cosmetics and jewellery. As well as being size adjustable they are also very sturdy and secure with crumple zones protecting the corners, and manufactured in the UK from strong corrugated cardboard. Our range also includes a quick and easy peel & seal closure for fast packing helping you to get your online orders out of the door quicker.

FAQs on Twist Wraps

Should I use Twist wraps or standard Book Wraps?

Twist wraps give an extra layer of security and strength when compared to standard book wraps. You should use twist wraps if your products are heavy and risk pushing the inside flaps out, as they have an extra seal strip on the inside flaps to keep them from popping out. Also, if your items are at risk of bending & creasing use twist wraps as they are more rigid than standard book wraps.

Do you stock the L-EG range of twistwraps?

We don't currently stock the L-EG range of twistwraps, however our sizes are very similar. If our size range doesn't work for you we can make these to special order so get in touch with our sales team for more information.

How Strong are Twist wraps?

Twist wraps are made from 150KT cardboard grade in a SMART fluting profile which is both thicker and stronger than many of our competitors. Our twist wrap range is designed to be high quality, strong, and sturdy.

Can I buy Twist wraps in Bulk Wholesale?

Yes we supply twist wraps in bulk pallet quantities at wholesale prices. If you want to buy any of our twist wrap sizes in bulk speak to our sales team for wholesale prices.

Are Twist wraps Eco Friendly?

Yes, twist wraps are very eco friendly as they are made from at least 65% recycled cardboard and are fully recyclable at the end of their life. They are also biodegradable and made using sustainable paper sources.

Tuftwist® TP15 350 x 350 x 0-40mm Peel & Seal Vinyl Record Mailers
A very protective postal wrap for LP records, big and strong enough to send multiple vinyl records at a time.
£ 32.25 £ 32.25 32.25 GBP Add to Cart
Tuftwist® TP11 325 x 255 x 0-75mm Self Seal Twist Wraps
Oversize A4 twistwrap for books, games, jigsaws, and more. Combining cross dimensional fluting and buffer edges for top protection.
£ 26.25 £ 26.25 26.25 GBP Add to Cart
Tuftwist® TP09 315 x 223 x 0-90mm Peel & Seal Twistwrap Book Mailers
A4 size twistwrap book mailers for packing A4 sized books, documents, catalogues, and more.
£ 22.50 £ 22.50 22.5 GBP Add to Cart
Tuftwist® TP07 275 x 213 x 0-90mm Peel & Seal Twist Wraps
Hard backed book sized twistwrap for posting books, smaller games and jigsaws, and other online orders.
£ 21.25 £ 21.25 21.25 GBP Add to Cart
Tuftwist® TP05 238 x 175 x 0-55mm Peel & Seal Twistwrap Postal Mailers
Small sized twistwrap mailer for smaller hard backed books, small toys, games, and electronic items.
£ 17.50 £ 17.50 17.5 GBP Add to Cart
Tuftwist® TP03 225 x 155 x 0-50mm Peel & Seal Twistwrap Postal Mailers
A5 twistwrap for A5 sized paperback books, DVD's, CD's and other small electronic items.
£ 16.25 £ 16.25 16.25 GBP Add to Cart