Book Packaging

Book packaging is packaging that has been specially developed for packing books for sending through a postal or courier service. Books can be packaged in a number of ways and using a variety of products but the most popular book packaging products are book wrap mailers. Packaging for books encompasses a large range of cardboard mailers, book wraps, bubble bags, jiffy bags, and corrugated paper all in typical book sizes. We stock a large range from cost effective bulk economy mailers to premium high strength book boxes with reinforced corner protection.

Book Mailers for Book Packaging

Book mailers are a type of cardboard postal mailer that has been specially developed for mailing books. They often are a postal wrap design with multi-size creasing that allows for varying lengths, widths, and thicknesses to be packed with the same mailer, and the incorporated crumple zones help to protect books from corner damage which hard backed books are especially prone to. The high speed wrap around design enables books to be packed very quickly and a quick and easy peel & seal strip completes the book mailer for a secure and safe mailing product. We even have a range of brown and black book wraps for an extra stylish mailing wrap.

Popular Book Packaging Materials

The most popular book packaging materials are jiffy bags and book wrap mailers. Jiffy bags are popular for low priced paperbacks because of their low cost and high speed packing. When using bubble lined bags you can also use stiffeners to add a bit extra protection, these are small sheets of cardboard that go each side of a book and provide extra stiffness to the package to prevent creasing. Our lil' C5 book wraps are perfect for small paperback books. Book wrap mailers are also very popular for hard backed books and more expensive novels. These are an all cardboard mailer that have strong crumple zones and rigid fluting to prevent corner damage and creasing.

Twistwrap Book Mailers

Twistwrap book mailers are book boxes that twist into a maltese cross type of mailer. The twisting action means that the corrugated fluting crosses over for a more rigid and durable mailer wrap. Twistwraps are also more flexible on size than standard book wraps meaning that you can wrap your books tighter and more securely, and the double peel & seal give that extra level of security.

Packing Boxes for Books

Our range of standard 0201 packing boxes for books are a range of useful sizes that fit a range of common book sizes and can be used for bulk packing books for shipping in volume. Available in single wall for low cost bulk packing boxes and stronger double wall boxes for heavier parcels

Are book wrap mailers eco friendly?

Yes book wrap mailers are eco friendly as they are made from cardboard which is recyclable, biodegradable, and use a high percentage of recycled paper to manufacture them. All our book wrap mailers contain over 65% recycled material with some 100% recycled material. They also have a glue strip to seal them closed so you don't have to use plastic tape, another eco friendly thumbs up.

What is the best book packaging?

The best book packaging is widely considered a combination of bubble bags and a premium book wrap mailer. Firstly, wrap your book in a bubble bag to give it extra padding (doubling up on the bubble gives an extra layer of protection), then select a premium book wrap size that gives a snug fit. The combination of the bubble padding and the hard outer shell provided by the premium mailer gives a very high quality and durable book package that will protect your book on its journey to your customer.