Pizza Style Boxes & Postal Boxes

Pizza style postal boxes are boxes that have a lid that is hinged at the back similar in style to the traditional pizza style boxes. They are often based on the FEFCO 0427, 0426 or 0471 styles and are usually manufactured in a strong corrugated cardboard to give a very sturdy postal box design. Pizza style boxes are popular with online stores because they look classy and professional and give web orders good presentation when delivered.  Often manufactured from strong corrugated cardboard, pizza style boxes are one of the strongest box types available.

White Pizza Style Boxes

We have a range of white pizza style boxes with white on the outside and white on the inside. Both designs are perfect for sending online orders and for use as presentation boxes. Pizza style boxes don't just have to be used as boxes for pizzas, they can be used for many other items too. Pizza style boxes in white card are popular as ecommerce packaging as they give a more memorable unboxing experience for the customer. Explore our bespoke pizza boxes for ecommerce to make even more of a statement with your packaging. We can do custom sized ecommerce boxes and bespoke printed so you can personalise them with your logo, messages, and brand colours.

FAQs about Pizza Style Boxes

Should I use a Pizza Style Box?

You should use a pizza style box if you want a better unboxing experience for your online customers. Pizza style boxes look more presentable than standard boxes and look more professional and up market. Use pizza style boxes to up your game and deliver in style.

Are Pizza Style Boxes Strong?

The pizza style box is a strong design that is crush resistant and will withstand the rigours of the postal system. Many parcels that are shipped through the post or through courier are pizza styles. They are a good balance between protection, cost, and presentation.

What are Pizza Style Boxes made from?

Pizza style boxes are usually made from corrugated cardboard. This material is recyclable and biodegradable as well as being strong and durable. It is an ideal material for postal boxes that need to be strong enough to travel through the postal service.
Incognito® 400 x 300 x 70mm White Inside eCommerce Box with Peel & Seal Closure
A popular sized ecommerce box that works well for fashion and clothing online orders. These boxes for online orders have a white inside and brown outside with a single self seal closing strip coupled with a frustration free tear opening strip for a good unboxing experience.
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Flower Mailing Boxes for Online Flower Shops
Flower mailing boxes for sending flowers by post and courier.
- Presentation style box design.
- White outside for a professional unboxing experience.
- Durable corrugated cardboard construction.
- Recyclable and Biodegradable.
- Personalisable with your logo and brand message - see below for details.

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Incognito® 400 x 300 x 70mm White Inside eCommerce Box with Peel & Seal Closure and Returns Seal
An ecommerce box with returns strip, popular with fashion online stores as it is the perfect size for most clothing ecommerce orders. The smart white inside and brown outside coupled with the neat self seal strip and convenient tear open strip makes for a great unboxing experience.
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