Bubble Lined Bags

Welcome to our premium bubble lined bag collection, where protection meets style for all your shipping needs. Our innovative bubble lining ensures your delicate items arrive intact, safeguarded from any bumps or impacts during transit. Explore our wide range of sizes and designs to find the perfect packaging solution for your products. Experience peace of mind and elevate your shipping process with our top-quality bubble lined bags.

​​​​Envosafe K/7 350mm x 470mm White Protect (Box of 50)
£ 17.08 £ 20.97 17.080000000000002 GBP
**Half price if you order 5 or more boxes**

An MM7 size Jiffy bag for packing items up to 350 x 470mm. This A3 jiffy bag is a lightweight mailmiser construction with a paper outer and jiffy bubble lining. Large jiffy bags are ideal for posting A3 prints or other similar items.
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​​​​Envosafe J/6 300mm x 445mm White Bubble Lined Bag (Box of 50)
£ 15.20 £ 18.45 15.200000000000001 GBP
**Half price if you order 5 or more boxes**
J/6 size Jiffy mailmiser for items up to 300 x 445mm. Mailmiser envelopes are a lightweight mailer that is made from a strong paper outer with a bubble padded lining made with Astrobubble® for reliable protection.
Up to 50% off!
​Envosafe H/5 270mm x 360mm White Protect (Box of 100)
£ 26.94 £ 26.94 26.94 GBP
A large Jiffy envelope in H/5 size for mailing items up to 270 x 360mm. Clean white paper outer with a protective bubble wrap lining makes these padded envelopes very popular for sending large items by post or courier.
​240mm x 335mm G/4 Jiffy Bag White A4 Padded Envelope Envosafe Protect (Box of 100)
£ 21.90 £ 21.90 21.900000000000002 GBP
White A4 size bubble envelopes for quick and efficient packing for A4 size items. Postal padded bags like these are great for posting small items on courier, the bubble padding material cushions the contents well.
​Envosafe F/3 220mm x 335mm White Protect (Box of 100)
£ 23.85 £ 23.85 23.85 GBP
MM3 size jiffy mailers for posting items up to 220 x 335mm safely and securely through the postal system. This F/3 padded mailer will also fit within the Large Letter PiP guidelines for posting via Royal Mail helping you to save on postage costs.
​Envosafe Secure Size E/2 220mm x 265mm (Box of 100)
£ 19.53 £ 21.70 19.53 GBP
50% off when you order 5 or more boxes!
These premium 220mm x 265mm size mailing bags provide reliable protection and secure closure for your shipments. With a compact size, they are versatile for various items, ensuring safe and efficient deliveries.
Up to 50% off!
​Envosafe E/2 220mm x 265mm White Protect (Box of 100)
£ 18.87 £ 18.87 18.87 GBP
220 x 265mm bubble lined maillite bags in a E/2 size for packing online orders & other items for posting. The durable bubble padding gives a reliable padded bag for protecting a wide range of items in the postal system
​180mm x 265mm D/1 Jiffy Bag White A5 Padded Envelope Envosafe Protect (Box of 100)
£ 13.44 £ 13.44 13.44 GBP
The popular bubble padded envelope in a useful A5 size for packing & sending items in the post.
​Envosafe C/0 150mm x 215mm White Protect (Box of 100)
£ 12.93 £ 12.93 12.93 GBP
A C/0 size jiffy mailer for packing and posting items up to 150mm x 215mm. These popular jiffy bags have long been a mainstay for posting many items via the postal service. Often used in post rooms and offices for mailing.
​Envosafe B/00 120mm x 215mm White Protect (Box of 200)
£ 23.49 £ 23.49 23.490000000000002 GBP
A small mailer with bubble padding for posting items up to 120mm x 215mm in size. Great for packing and sending small items, the inner padding coupled with the strong paper mailer gives a reliable and popular mailing bag.