PiP Boxes

PiP boxes are boxes that are designed to fit within the Royal Mail Pricing in Proportion restrictions. These boxes are specially sized to fit large letter, small parcel, and medium parcel sizing to ensure parcels can be packed and sent without risking extra surcharges. Using a pip box to pack your orders gives you peace of mind that you are sending your parcels in packaging that won't incur a surcharge for oversize packaging. This helps to keep your mailing costs within budget and gives you more control on charging the correct carriage. We have a range of Royal Mail PiP postal boxes & mail order cartons that are specially designed to maximise the different postal and courier formats that are popular in the UK. For instance, our Large Letter pip boxes are perfect for sending many products while keeping postage to a minimum and our letterbox mail order cartons come in a range of sizes that will fit through most UK letterbox slots.

Coloured PiP Boxes

As part of our range, we have coloured PiP boxes in popular colours like black, red, blue, white, and pink pip boxes. Coloured pip boxes are great for creating a memorable unboxing experience and adding that bit extra to your online order deliveries. To give you the best price and keep our production as streamlined as possible, our coloured pip boxes are on a pre-order basis and we build up customer orders until we have enough to give the best price possible. Get in touch with our team for more details on when the next colours are coming up for delivery. If you want a bespoke coloured pip box that's no problem too. We can print pip boxes with your brand colours to match your logo for extra wow factor.
Maxi Large Letter 335mm x 245mm x 20mm Tufpac® PiP Postal Carton
Peel & Seal Postal Box in the Maximum Size for Royal Mail Large Letter.
- Quickly and easily send small ecommerce orders by post.
- Reduce postal costs by sending as large letter rather than parcel.
- High grade corrugated cardboard with premium white finish.
- Fast and secure sealing with a hot melt peel & seal glue strip.
- Biodegradable and recyclable.
- Personalise with your brand logo, see below for details.

**Order over £750 and get these for £0.37 each**
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Large Letter 330mm x 160mm x 20mm Tufpac® PiP Postal Carton
Large Letter PiP Boxes with Peel & Seal Closure.
- Perfect for sending small ecommerce orders.
- Pack and send flat items with ease.
- Premium white outside finish for professional look.
- High quality grade cardboard.
- High tack peel & seal glue strip.
- Fully recyclable.
- Biodegradable.
- Personalise with your brand logo, see below for details.

**Order over £750 and get these for £0.35 each**
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Large Letter 260mm x 160mm x 20mm Tufpac® PiP Postal Carton
White Outside Large Letter PiP Postal Carton with Peel & Seal Closure.
- Will fit through the large letter Royal Mail slot.
- Perfect for posting small and flat online orders.
- Super fast peel & seal closure.
- Frustration free tear opening strip.
- Up to 65% recycled cardboard content.
- Recyclable & biodegradable
- Personalise with your brand logo, see below for details.

**Order over £750 and get these for £0.29 each**
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