Letterbox Boxes

A range of letterbox boxes that fit through most UK letterboxes ensuring that your parcels always get delivered. There's nothing worse than your online order not being delivered on time because your customer wasn't in and the box couldn't fit through the letterbox slot. Our range of letterbox postal boxes are designed and tested to fit through most popular UK letter box sizes so you can mail out your boxes via Royal Mail safe in the knowledge that they will be delivered. As part of our range we also have self seal letterbox boxes with a peel & seal strip to close the box. Letterbox boxes with a self seal strip make it faster to pack with and also looks much more professional than sealing with tape.

Custom Letterbox Boxes

We can design and print custom letterbox boxes to your size and print requirements. Personalised letterbox boxes help to create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers and ensure you get remembered for when they next order. We can custom print letter box boxes with flexo printing, litho printing, and digital printing for a full range of quality and cost effective options. Bespoke printed letterbox boxes can be printed on the inside for an extra special unique ecommerce packaging box. We can also design special cutout internal fittings for your custom letterbox boxes to make them quick and easy to pack and send.

FAQs about Letterbox Boxes

What is the Maximum Size for a Letterbox Box?

The maximum size for a letterbox box is 38mm deep by 254mm wide. This is because the average UK letterbox size is 254mm x 38mm (or 10 inches x 1.5 inches).

Should my Company use Letterbox Boxes?

Your company should use letterbox boxes if they ship small online orders and need to improve delivery rates. Letterbox boxes are designed to fit through a letterbox so the customer doesn't have to be at home to receive the parcel.

What are Letterbox Boxes made from?

Letterbox boxes are usually made from corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is very strong and rigid which is good for making crush resistant boxes for sending in the post.

Can Letterbox Boxes be Personalised?

Yes, letterbox boxes can be personalised with printed logos and messages in your brand colours. They can be printed on the inside, outside, or both sides in a number of different printing processes. Letterbox boxes can also be made to a custom size and incorporate custom fittings inside to hold your products.
430mm x 110mm x 38mm White Letterbox Box
A handy size long and thin letterbox box that will fit through most UK letterbox slots. A professional looking white postal box, great for sending a range of items through the postal service.
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345 x 245 x 20mm Brown Royal Mail Large Letter PiP Mailer with Self Seal
A good quality strong large letter PiP box manufactured from brown corrugated cardboard with a self seal strip.
£ 0.40 £ 0.40 0.4 GBP Add to Cart
C4 Large Letter Box 335 x 245 x 20mm Tufpac® White C4 PiP Boxes
A white C4 PiP Postal Box in the Maximum Size for Royal Mail Large Letter with a peel & seal closure strip - from just 34.3p each.
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Large Letter 330mm x 160mm x 20mm Tufpac® PiP Postal Carton
Large Letter PiP Boxes for sending via Royal Mail with Peel & Seal Closure - from just 32.3p each.
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C5 Large Letter Box 260 x 160 x 20mm Tufpac® White C5 PiP Box
White C5 Large Letter PiP Postal Carton with peel & seal closure & frustration free tear open strip - from just 25p each.
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