Premium postal Book Wraps

Our flagship range of premium postal book wrap mailers, if you aren't yet using Tufpac® to send your online orders it's time you ordered some samples and joined the host of Tufpac® users that pack faster and smarter with our range of premium book wraps.  This range of Tufpac® book wraps have reinforcing side strips to prevent the inside flaps from bulging and risking the contents of your parcel falling out.  This is quite a risk with larger depth mailings along with the possibility of theft and pilferage during transit.  We've designed these postal wrap mailers to reduce these problems as much as possible.Because of their multi-depth design these book wraps are ideal for shipping a range of books, gifts, catalogues, marketing packs, and CD/DVDs.  Another big plus point is that you can send most of our sizes as Royal Mail large letter and small parcel packets.

Book Packaging

Our book wrap mailers are perfect as book packaging and they are used by a huge amount of book sellers throughout the Uk. Here's why the Tufpac® Book Wrap mailer is so popular with book shops as book packaging and eCommerce stores as e-commerce mailers alike:
 - Fast Peel & Seal Closure: Super-fast peel and seal closure makes these wraps a great time saver cutting your packing time down to an amazing 20 seconds! When you need to cut your packing time and boost efficiency these mailers are a super-fast solution.
 - Reinforced Edges: Double folded edge strips makes these book wrap mailers a lot sturdier. The crumple zone is also a lot stronger allowing these wraps to be used for heavier parcels and still giving a great level of protection.
 - Easy Tear Strip Opening: A real plus point for your customer, our tear open strips make is quick and easy for your customer to open their parcel helping to reduce frustration and injury when the parcel is received and making the unboxing experience a lot more enjoyable.
 - Lateral Fluting: Fluting running across the book wrap gives over twice as much strength along the length of the final pack which makes a stronger and more durable pack. Lateral fluting also makes it super easy to crease while wrapping around your products allowing you to wrap your packets tighter and more securely.

Colompac® CP020 Cardboard Postal Wraps
Fast and highly protective postal wraps with reinforced edges in the reliable Colompac® brand.
- Postal wrap design for packing a wide range of products for courier.
- Multi-depth design allows for packing a range of different depth items.
- Reinforced edges for better corner protection and higher crush resistance.
- Recyclable and biodegradable.
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Tufpac® 460mm x 323mm x 0-70mm Brown Book Wrap Mailers (Pack of 20)
Premium C3 size Book Wrap for A3 items up to 70mm thick.
- Black internal flaps for two-tone black/brown colour scheme for a premium look to your deliveries.
- Premium grade corrugated cardboard for a stronger book wrap.
- Reinforced side strips for stronger construction.
- Biodegradable, recyclable and manufactured in the UK from over 65% recycled materials.
- Packed in 20's
- Custom Printable in quantities from 2'500.
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Tufpac® 302mm x 215mm x 0-80mm Brown Book Wrap Mailers (Pack of 20)
Premium A4 book wrap for packing books, photo frames, prints, catalogues, & general retail items.
- Internal black printed flaps for a premium two-tone look.
- UK manufactured for reliable supply and low carbon footprint.
- High quality 150k SMART fluting material with double edges for extra rigidity.
- Biodegradable and recyclable.
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