Small Parcel Boxes

A range of small parcel boxes that fit within the Royal Mail small parcel size criteria. Our small parcel boxes can be used for a range of small online orders covering anything from soft furnishings, clothing, toys, games, household items, electronics, and many others. Small parcel size boxes all fall under the maximum size of 450 mm x 350 mm x 160 mm and can be several different styles including presentation style 0427 boxes and standard 0201 style slotted boxes. They are manufactured here in the UK from corrugated cardboard that is both recyclable and biodegradable as well as containing a high level of recycled material.

Custom Small Parcel Boxes

We can design custom small parcel boxes to your needs. Whether it is bespoke printing or custom sizing, we have a range of customisations that we offer to fit your particular application. While our personalised small parcel boxes remain a firm favourite in our bespoke range, there are many different combinations that we can offer too. Our range of custom small parcel boxes includes bespoke printed small parcel boxes, custom sized small parcel boxes, and special heavy duty grades. To discuss your bespoke requirements with our team click the link at the top right.
430mm x 110mm x 38mm White Letterbox Box
A handy size long and thin letterbox box that will fit through most UK letterbox slots. A professional looking white postal box, great for sending a range of items through the postal service.
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Colompac® CP151 Instant Bottom Pop-up Boxes (10/Pack)
Colompac® CP151 ecommerce boxes with a pop-up instant base.
- Super fast pop-up carton base.
- Fast and easy peel & seal closure.
- Frustration free easy tear open strip.
- Recyclable and biodegradable.
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Tufpac® 383mm x 293mm x 0-80mm Brown/Black Large Book Wrap Mailers
Large premium brown/black book wrap mailers for packing large hardback books and games. These strong book cartons are also useful for packing flat heavy samples such as sample tiles.
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Tufpac® 333mm x 275mm x 0-80mm Brown/Black Ring Binder Mailer
Premium ring binder sized premium book mailers in two tone brown/black colour. A strong cardboard wrap that will fit products around a ring binder size up to 80mm thick.
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Tufpac® 325mm x 250mm x 0-80mm Brown/Black C4 Book Wrap Mailers
Premium brown/black C4 book wrap. This C4 book wrap is useful for packing A4 books and other flat online orders such as framed prints, games, and gift sets.
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Tufpac® 270mm x 190mm x 0-80mm Brown/Black Comic Book Mailer
Premium brown/black cardboard packaging for books in a useful comic size. This medium size book wrap can be used for a range of comics, books, media, and online orders such as photo frames, gift sets, and games.
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Tufpac® 251mm x 165mm x 0-60mm Brown / Black C5 Book Wrap Mailers
Our premium C5 book wrap is ideal as book shipping packaging for most medium size books as well as smaller online orders to send by royal mail small parcel. Cardboard postal mailers like these are made from recyclable cardboard that is biodegradable and compostable.
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Tufpac® 217mm x 155mm x 0-60mm Brown / Black A5 Book Wrap Mailers
A premium brown/black A5 book wrap. This small C5 size book boxes are a great looking option for book packaging or to pack other flat items around A5 size. Cardboard wrap mailers are renown for their good corner protection and good security.
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Tufpac® 326mm x 280mm x 0-100mm Standard C4 Book Wrap (Pack of 50)
C4 book wraps in our signature SMART corrugated fluting, perfect for packing games, folders, and large books. Book mailers that wrap around offer superior protection with extra corner protection in addition to being recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.
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Tufpac® 311mm x 240mm x 0-50mm Standard A4 Book Wraps
A pack of 50 A4 book wrap mailer for A4 sized books, documents, catalogues, and more. A popular choice of book packaging offering very high levels of protection for books and similar items, perfect for sending books through the post.
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