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Tufpac® Standard Book Wrap Range (Wholesale)
Tufpac® Standard Book Wrap Range (Wholesale)
Tufpac® Standard Book Wrap Range (Wholesale)

Tufpac® Standard Book Wrap Range (Wholesale)

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Wholesale Standard Tufpac® Book Wrap Mailers

The standard book wrap mailer is our flagship range of wholesale book wrap mailers, a perfect blend of speed, protection, and price. Our standard book wraps are our most popular range and can be used as book packaging, toy mailers, cosmetics boxes, catalogue mailers, and have many other applications amongst the eCommerce packaging market.

With environmentally conscious customers demanding less and less packaging the wrap around packaging mailer style of packaging is becoming more and more popular. By wrapping the cardboard tightly around the item being packed you no longer need any voidfill materials or extra packaging.

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Side Strips - Double folded edges make our Tufpac® Book Wraps far stronger than traditional styles. As well as adding rigidity they also add security by reducing the risk of the internal flaps bulging out.

Tear Opening Strip - Convenient, easy to use tear opening strip.

Strong Cardboard - High performance outer kraft paper coupled with our SMART fluting profile gives a much stronger and more rigid book wrap than standard flute profiles and papers.

UK Manufactured - We hold stocks of branded Tufpac® mailers all made here in the UK and available on next day delivery. UK manufacturing also lets us offer bespoke sizes and printing along with other bespoke options.

Liquid Peel & Seal - Our Tufpac® Book Wraps have a Liquid applied glue strip which is much stronger than a normal double sided tape strip.

Lateral Fluting - Fluting that runs across the wrap is much easier to fold accurately and results in a tighter wrapped and more secure package.

*Please note sample orders will start at £5 for up to 5 samples or 1 sample pack, then £1 for every 5 samples or 1 sample pack thereafter.