Jiffy Green Bags

Jiffy Green bags are a recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable eco friendly padded mailing bag. They feature a mulched recycled paper core made from waste paper which is sandwiched between two layers of strong kraft paper. Jiffy green mailers are renowned for their reusability, often being reused many times before being recycled. This reusable feature is a result of their high quality construction and paper padding that doesn't pop or deflate like bubbles. This dense and protective paper core makes them great for heavy items such as metal parts and tools. Another feature that makes these strong padded bags very durable is the folded and double glued base flap, and the central glue seam. This unique style of the original Jiffy envelope construction makes them exceptionally burst resistant; there are no vulnerable side seams that can be a point of weakness in a mailing bag when used for heavy items.
The Jiffy green range also features a self seal closure strip just like the original Jiffy bags. Self seal mailers make packing online orders and samples much faster, removing the need for using plastic tape or gluing the postal bags closed. The self seal strip, along with the recyclability and biodegradable materials, makes the Jiffy green bag a firm favourite with eco-conscious customers. We stock a large range of eco Jiffy bags with the Jiffy green range being the most popular.
442mm x 661mm Jiffy Green Padded Bag Size 8 (Box of 50)
Large Jiffy green biodegradable padded bag made from paper, an eco friendly mailer for sending large items. Brown jiffy bags like these are make from a strong kraft paper outer with a mulched recycled paper core.
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341mm x 483mm Jiffy Green Padded Bag Size 7 (Box of 50)
PB7 jiffy padded envelopes for packing A3 size items up to 341mm x 483mm. Jiffy envelopes are padded with paper making them all paper construction. This paper padding fluffs up to create a soft durable cushion that can be used for packing heavy items.
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295mm x 458mm Jiffy Green Padded Bag Size 6 (Box of 50)
PB6 Jiffy green envelopes for mailing items up to 295 x 458mm in size. Jiffy padded bags use recycled mulched paper as a padding material sandwiched between two layers of strong kraft paper.
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245mm x 381mm Jiffy Green Padded Bag Size 5 (Box of 100)
Durable jiffy bags also know as Giffy bags in the PB5 size for packing items up to 245 x 381mm. These padded packaging bags have double glued and folded bottom seams for a burst resistant mailing back suitable for heavy items.
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225mm x 343mm Jiffy Green Padded Bag Size 4 (Box of 100)
PB4 size green mailers with all paper construction for packing items up to 225mm x 343mm. These eco friendly mailing bags are sized to fit within the Royal Mail PiP Large letter guidelines to help reduce mailing costs.
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195mm x 343mm Jiffy Green Padded Bag Size 3 (Box of 100)
A PB3 size green jiffy bag with mulched paper lining for packing items up to 195 x 343mm. These compostable mailing bags have a self seal closing strip for fast and efficient mailing, as well as the high performance protection you expect from the Jiffy® brand.
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195mm x 280mm Jiffy Green Padded Bag Size 2 (Box of 100)
A box of 100 PB2 jiffy green envelopes for posting items up to 195mm x 280mm. Jiffy green bags are filled with mulched recycled paper with folded top and bottom seams for extra burst resistance. This makes them good for heavy items and multi use applications.
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165mm x 280mm Jiffy Green Padded Bag Size 1 (Box of 100)
A Jiffy Green padded bag in a handy A5 size. A recyclable & compostable padded postal bag for packing small items. Eco envelopes padded with mulched paper for high performing protection.
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135mm x 229mm Jiffy Green Padded Bag Size 0 (Box of 200)
Size PB0 biodegradable jiffy for mailing items up to 135 x 229mm. These eco friendly small padded bags are a great alternative to plastic padded mailers as they are fully recyclable and biodegradable, as well as being reusable.
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105mm x 229mm Jiffy Green Padded Bag Size 00 (Box of 200)
PB00 size small jiffy green mailer for posting items up to 105mm x 229mm. This small compostable jiffy bag is built to be tough and strong for mailing heavy and delicate items that need exceptional protection.
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