Polypropylene Strapping

Polypropylene strapping is a general purpose strapping suitable for most pallet and box strapping applications manufactured from polyprop (PP) plastic. It is a low-cost general-purpose strapping for most short-term strapping requirements.

Tenzo Machine Polyband Strapping Reel 12mm x 2000m Yellow 406mm Core
£ 78.36 £ 78.36 78.36 GBP
A high visibility yellow strapping for use in pallet strapping machines that take strapping reels with a 406mm core. This yellow pallet strapping is made from polypropylene for a good strong breaking strain which can be used for most industrial pallets.
Tenzo Heavy Duty 12mm x 0.9mm x 1000m Polyprop Strapping on Plastic Reel
£ 33.09 £ 33.09 33.09 GBP
Super heavy duty polyprop strapping for securing heavy pallets, in our high quality TENSO brand.
Tenzo Polyband PR Strapping Reel 12mm x 1600m
£ 45.54 £ 45.54 45.54 GBP
Tenzo 12mm x 3000m Machine Polyprop Strapping Reel
£ 54.83 £ 54.83 54.83 GBP
A 12mm wide white polyprop strapping for use in auto and semi-auto strapping machines